Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session five

Masquerading as Penals

- The Dealers rendezvous with rebel agents in the Ord Cestus system. Fero arrives aboard the shuttle Last Resort and Captain Gorp is there to take control of the Imperial craft the rest of the Dealers liberated from Krayiss.

- The Dealers call in every favor they can, and they’re given one-time mission command of the Star Cruiser GOOD MANNERS. Built to stand toe-to-toe with a Star Destroyer, the GOOD MANNERS hosts a complement of 36 starfighters, numerous shuttles and landing craft, and 1200 rebel troopers. The Dealers agree to hold back the cruiser to aid in their escape from Dathomir.

- Fero and Zamda program the shuttle Last Resort to jump to Dathomir unmanned, where it is immediately blasted to scrap by the Star Destroyer FIST. The Double Dealer, after a well-timed if accidental jump to Mandalore, jumps into the craft’s debris field, undetected by the Imperials.

- Fero performs a controlled drift into the atmosphere of Dathomir itself, and the ship sets down at a settlement outside of the Imperial Penal Colony.

- A Gran from the settlement meets with the Dealers. The Dealers agree to outfit the Gran with blaster rifles and several suits of stormtrooper armor if he leaves their ship unmolested. The Gran promises to try his best to break into their ship, but he doubts his and his colleagues primitive gear will permit entry.

- The Dealers head into the penal colony itself. The prisoners are escape-pod-jettisoned onto Dathomir’s surface, and then left to their own devices without supplies. Fero trades a fancy pistol to an … Aqualish? for a giant spider and a cart. Gand names the spider Mulva_, and the Dealers ride the wagon to meet with one of Woorbly’s contacts, JOMO DATHO.

- Datho receives the Dealers cordially, and sends them to a strange old blue reptile called OLD BURUNDI. Burundi slowly awakes from intense meditation, and he cryptically offers the Dealers two gifts to aid them in their confrontation at the Mountain of the Black Wind: a small, black handle that Burundi says will detect evil; and a small wooden cage, its contents impossible to see, that Burundi says will aid them one single time.

- The Dealers travel to the massacre site of the Prin Expedition. Despite being several months old, it is still strewn with bodies, limbs, and blood, as if the massacre has only just happened.

- Beyond the massacre site, a mountain leads up to an imposing tower of stone: the Mountain of the Black Wind, where an unknown fate awaits them….

Brosef: 5. Duty: 0.
Ja: 5. Duty: 0.
Gand: 5. Duty: 5.
Zamda: Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 5.

- a giant spider named Mulva
- a wooden cart


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