2vac Shak'er

Medical Droid, Freedom Fighter


Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 5
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 1

Soak 5
Wounds 14/0
Strain 13/0

Chief Skills: Medicine 3, Survival 2, Ranged Heavy 2


2vac was brought online aboard a small trading vessel running supplies to outback colonies on the rim. His owner, a surly man by the name of Castus Dram, was short tempered, but a fair trader, who did a good business with the rim outposts bringing in manufactured goods. Castus had no crew to speak of, just 2vac and a small repair droid barley capable of speaking binary. Castus wasn’t one for company, but during long hours in flight, he would bring his medic online for a game of checkers or a bit of philosophizing.

It was during these chats that 2vac became fully aware of his position as a well treated and well maintained slave. Castus would speak at length about a man’s right to be what he pleased, and the dignity of the hard scrabble life of a colonist, but he never once thought to grant that freedom to a droid. When 2vac inquired about his own robotic dignity, Castus would laugh and would jokingly tell him that a high end medical droid like 2vac went for about 5,000, and that Castus would double that for 2vac just on principle.

Castus’ ship went down on the hard sands of Tatooine. The small craft was making a routine run when an equalizer blew and sent the ship into a sandstone ridge. Castus was killed on impact, but 2vac’s systems stayed online. The droid tried to revive his master, but failed. It buried the old man in the sand, and began adapting itself to survive in the desert. At first the adaptations were small—a power link to the broken ship, a stunner to keep lizards away. But after a time, the droid realized he was going to have to hike out of the desert, and he began to make real changes. He was not a mechanic, but trial and error let him work at himself until he was capable of surviving in the wastes.

Before he set out he made a promise at his master’s grave. He would but himself free, however long it took, and he would bury the money right there on Tatooine where Castus lay in the sand.

2vac Shak'er

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