former Gammmorrean holovid star, current pirate


Brawn: 4
Agility: 2
Intellect: 1
Cunning: 1
Willpower: 1
Presence: 3


Coercion 3, Coordination 2, Deception 3, Gunnery 2 Leadership 2, Ranged (Heavy) 3, Melee 4, Resilience 2, Skulduggery 3.

Heavy Blaster 7 medium, stun setting
Heavy Blaster Rifle – 10 long, crit 3.
Vibroax – damage 7, crit 4.

Knockdown (after hitting with melee attack, may spend TRIUMPH to knock target prone)
May spend a maneuver giving orders to allies at med range, granting a BOOST on next roll


It was supposed to be a routine job. Meet up with Bork Vespa on Ord Mantell, buy a freighter with the money she’d stolen from her old boss, Teemo the Hutt, and start a new life. But things never go as planned in the Outer Rim.

When the bounty hunter spotted her, she thought she was dead. It was a gand, one of those creepy bug critters that Teemo kept around his place on Tatooine. But this gand turned out to be different than the others. This gand was a sap. After exchanging some blaster fire and some threats, she realized the quickest way out was going to be through this creature’s tiny green heart.

The night they spent together was utterly forgettable. Just another seduction for the beautiful Mulva, and the next morning she left the creature for dead with his ship barrelling toward an asteroid field in the middle of uncharted space. She met up with Bork, but the ship wasn’t quite what she’d been promised. Neither was Bork.

The next years were bleak. Mulva fell into a swirling mist of depression, as her “one true love” Bork turned out to be nothing but a common pirate. Mulva was to be his concubine, a position she’d only recently departed on Tatooine. But if there was anything Mulva could do it was survive. Before long she’d taken Bork’s place and given him a seat on a derelict escape pod. The gang was hers and so was their ship. The reign of Muvla had begun!

But that ended when that gand showed up in her life again. He took her gang by surprise, and soon had taken Mulva as well. She locked herself in a bathroom for several days, then took the first opportunity to escape when the group was investigating a mine on Gavos.

Mulva commandeered a firespray, renaming it MULVA’S PAIN, and escaped for parts unknown…


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