Moff Pars Ossnan

An Imperial Moff with ties to Fero's past.


Once a lowly Imperial captain, Pars Ossnan worked his way up the ranks of the Imperial Navy through shrewd bureaucratic manipulation.

In his younger days, he was responsible for the boarding of the CARGO ARGO, the ship commanded by the Greet family. Ossnan personally commanded the deaths of the Greet familiar, unaware that young Fero survived the attack.

He is deeply paranoid, and tends to avoid communicating by holonet.

He currently commands the Star Destroyer REVENGE, and is governor of the sector that includes Coachelle-Prime.

Ossnan was nearly killed by the Dealers on Kashyyyk/Wookiee Planet C. Ossnan survived and has sworn vengeance on the Dealers, especially Zamda Trist, who he has labeled a traitor and an assassin. Rumors persist that Ossnan was badly hurt in the attack and that he is more machine, now, than man.

Moff Pars Ossnan

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