Gorp Molo


A socially inept Rodian, but a naturally skilled pilot. Gorp was working for the Yiyar Clan when he encountered the crew of the Double Dealer on Cholganna.

After the rest of his crew was wiped out, Gorp signed on as the pilot of the INKSPRAY with EV-8D3 as his administrative assistant. He makes supply runs for various organizations, but most often for IsoTech.

After being kidnapped and waylaid by Black Sun operatives working for xCratala, Gorp hooked up with the Rebel Alliance and became a hotshot pilot. He quickly moved up the ranks, becoming Captain Gorp — still a hotshot pilot, but now also a somewhat ineffectual middle-manager.

He oversees the Dealers, and is also still technically employed by them.

Gorp Molo

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