Dongo Calrissian

A smuggler and scoundrel based on Coachelle.


The group’s contact on Coachelle Prime, Dongo Calrissian ushered them onto the planet and brought them to Boomer’s garage. He warned of an Imperial presence on Coachelle, and sent them off to the kibbler processing plant.

Dongo took an interest in young Fero Greet, and Fero was flattered to be doted on by the much cooler smuggler.

Dongo comes from a long line of miscreants and scoundrels. If things don’t work out for him on Coachelle, he might hit up his cousin for a job. He’s heard that guy just won the deed to a gas mining colony or something.

Realizing plans were going south on Coachelle, Dongo fled the planet for parts unknown.

After the Empire’s crackdown on Coachelle, Dongo has returned from exile. He has been named Planetary Governor of Coachelle and has instituted cruel and violent policies to curb any rebel activity.

Dongo Calrissian

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