Masks of Adas

Episode IV, session one

After a rumble on the Wheel, the Double Dealer heads to a wild jungle planet...

Meeting at Tasia’s Tapcafe, an Alderaanian bar on the Wheel, the group discusses the evils of the Empire in the shadow of a memorial for the millions of lives lost on Alderaan. Also, Ja tried to buy some drugs.

Discovering that IT-3P0, the droid they were meant to escort to Cholganna, had been droidnapped by a rival group of treasure hunters, the Double Dealers gave chase through the busy streets of the Wheel. The droid was recovered (following some fisticuffs and a few sweet hoverboard moves), but their scuffle drew the attention of the Wheel’s security. The rival group, rodians called the Yiyar Clan, told security that the droid was theirs. When security converged on the Double Dealer, the group took off without authorization, barely avoiding a collision with a passing freighter.

After 3 days of hyperspace travel, the group arrived in the Chol system. They found themselves in the Chol Nebula, a dust cloud that jammed their systems. After failing to align their navigation systems, Fero was still able to avoid colliding with the largest of the boulder-sized meteoroids.

Scanning Cholganna itself, the group found one of the Sa Nalaor’s escape pods. Landing the ship in a clearing, they discovered their own ship had been fitted with an Imperial tracking device. They destroyed the tracking device, then went into the mysterious jungle to investigate the escape pod.

Ja and 2VAC descended into a craggy crevasse to take a closer look at the pod. Though Ja’s thick hide was enough to repel the swarm of strange insects that had nested in the pod, one of them squirmed into 2VAC’s bacta tanked mouse brain. Ja, thoroughly overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the jungle planet, stood motionless in the crevasse for a very, very long time, while up above, Fero made direct eye contact with one of the planet’s natives: a nexu that was seemingly stalking the group.

Gand, giving in to his own fears and insecurities, reached out with the Dark Side of the Force to probe the beast’s mind. Gand found the creature to be curious … and hungry.

As night fell, the crew was still several hours away from their ship. They prepared to make camp in the heart of the mysterious jungle…

Fero: 25
Gand: 25
Ja: 25
Zamda: 25
2VAC: 25

stuff bought at the Wheel? Otherwise, none.


MatthewJent MatthewJent

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