Masks of Adas

The Derelict Ship

Investigation a relic from the Clone Wars, the Double Dealers take their first steps into a larger adventure...


Before leaving Geonosis, the Double Dealers encountered an old friend: a gand named Gand, sent to assassinate them and collect the bounty placed on their heads by Teemo the Hutt. When Gand was informed Teemo was dead, the private investigator listlessly helped Doc Teetsba load a powersled of droid parts onto the group’s ship, then took a seat. He was till aboard when the Double Dealers, along with the special team dispatched by their employer, the neimoidian Sude Raalo, left Geonosis for the derelict Trade Federation ship, the Starworm.

Fero managed to correct their mysterious travelers’ own astrogation coordinates and successfully found the derelict Starworm. Two busted-up TIE fighters were already in the area, and when Gand unsuccessfully tried to communicate with them over the comm, the ships engaged in combat. Ja and … 2-VAC? manned (or roboted) the turrets and destroyed the fighters, but not before Gand overheard one last transmission, confirming to someone else their location.

After navigating the field of debris (and being fired upon by some still-operational battle droids), the DDs donned spacesuits and found entry into the derelict ship. Ja returned to the ship check his email while Fero, 2-VAC, Gand and Doc accompanied the specialist inside. Doc used the specialists’ gonk droid to power up limited systems on the derelict ship, revealing even more operational battle droids. After Doc and 2-VAC failed to reason with them, the DDs destroyed the droids as limited gravity capabilities came online.

After successfully locating the remote processor, the group almost lost hope finding a new transponder. But their bothan comrade Zamda finally woke up from his nap aboard their ship, and came on board to locate it under a milk crate. The specialists sent by Sude Raalo returned, having successfully located the mysterious cargo they were sent to recover.

All returned safely to the Double Dealer, and just before jumping back into hyperspace they witnessed the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Whether or not the Imperials IDed the group, they returned to Geonosis to collect their payment and replace their transponder, hopefully freeing them from successful Imperial entanglements…

- 1000 credits, in payment for cargo from the derelict ship
- 2500 credits, in payment for the remote processor
- new transponder for the Double Dealer

(note: I may or may not be making up whole-hog the amount of credits you were promised. I know it was “15%” of the worth of the cargo recovered from the ship. If you know it’s a different amount, chime in. Be honest, or the Force won’t be with you.)


If that link works, it’s an opening crawl for our next adventure.


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