Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session six

The End.

The Dealers encounter a small group of Dathomiri tribesman in the grass around the footpaths to the Mountain of the Black Wind. They were frightened and easily rattled, and they attacked Fero when they thought he was alone. Zamda killed three with a single blaster shot, and Fero told the last one to run away. He did, and Ja dismembered him with a lightsaber.

Reaching the end of the mountain path, the Dealers find a hidden passage into the mountain itself. Mulva_ is told to wait for the Dealers, which she does.

Inside the cavern, a glimpse of a statue depicted Adas in his Bloody Tongue aspect nearly sends Gand over the edge.


The Dealers made short work of some exploring cultists and darktroopers. Discovering 50 imprisoned tribesmen, Zamda attempted to arm them with the darktroopers’ rifles — the frightened tribesmen immediately fired on Zamda. They left the prisoners to cower in their cage.

Following another secret path up to a larger cavern, the Dealers discovered a horrible temple built into the mountain. Amidst writhing, tentacle-like columns, the Dealers finally find Hypatia Masters, her body distended and straining to contain a horribly obscene creature growing within her — the resurrected Sith King Adas.

Hypatia was being attended by M’Weru, the mysterious dathomiri woman who led the Prin Expedition into the unknown, and six black-armored Shadow Guard. Before them all there was a group of 10,000 gathered cultists, all chanting for the return of the True Sith’ari.

Brosef was rendered momentarily incapacitated by the terrible sight. Fero readied the group’s last thermal detonator, but the obscene sight caused him to simply stand still holding the device — it exploded a few mere feet from the Dealers, nearly killing them all.

Before M’Weru and the others could react, Gand threw a heavy stone altar at the Nightsister. Ja smirked at his friends and jumped in to finish the job, cutting off her head with his double-bladed lightsaber. Fero and Zamda aimed their fire at Hypatia and the horrible spawn she carried. On the cusp of the Bloody Tongue’s greatest victory, Hypatia and the creature within her were killed.

Called in by Ja, Commander Dagbar and the Star Cruiser GOOD MANNERS jumped into the system and engaged the Star Destroyer FIST. The Good Manners’s complement of starfighters broke through the line of TIEs and bombed the Mountain of the Black Wind as the Dealers fought through the Shadow Guard to a waiting shuttle. The Dealers made it back to their ship and cleared the atmosphere of Dathomir in time to see the Good Manners destroy the Imperial Super Destroyer.

The surviving rebels jumped away. The crew of the Double Dealer gathered in the new party room of their ship and held a celebration in honor of their success, their fallen friends, and the continuing battle to save the Galaxy from the Dark Side.

It sounded like this…


Sgt Fero Greet
Fero gave up piloting the Double Dealer for a chance to fly an X-Wing. With a recommendation from his commanding officer Gorp Molo, Fero joined Rogue Squadron and participated in the Battle of Endor, flying against the Second Death Star. In the days of the New Republic, Fero found himself captaining his own squadron of starfighters, serving under the command of a seemingly rehabilitated Moff Pars Ossnan, the man who had long ago ordered the deaths of his parents. He never had another crew like the crew that manned the Double Dealer….

Sgt Gand
Sgt Ja Kitran
Gand and Ja traveled the Galaxy together in the Double Dealer, seeking other Force Sensitives like themselves. The Dealer became a roving classroom with Gand, Ja, and their band of Force users fighting for the cause of the Rebel Alliance. After the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, Gand and Ja became teachers in the newly reconstituted Jedi Academies established by Luke Skywalker.

Sgt Zamda Trist
Zamda disappeared after the Battle of Dathomir. Shadowy infochants believed he became a one-person Bothan Spy Net, striking at the Empire wherever he could. But he never stayed in one place too long, and he never received a reward or another commendation from the Rebel Alliance. Privately, he had rehabilitated the Trist name. Many rebels were saved by the efforts of this Bothan spy — even if they never knew it.

Sgt Brosef Dondar
Brosef continued to serve the rebel cause as a physician on the frontlines of battle. Scarred by the loss of his unit on Ord Mantell, and by the terrible things he witnessed on Dathomir, Brosef drifted away from Galactic society after the end of the war. He drifted for a time in a fire-water haze, but when he sobered up he found himself on the memorial world BOZ PITY. There he established a hospital and a place of rest for other war veterans who wanted a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of New Republic life. Sometimes, late in the evenings, he would tell the story of the time he reattached someone’s arm only moments after it was severed.

The Double Dealers made many other friends and allies during their journey across the Galaxy — 2VAC, also known as J.S. Galactic. Styvv the Wookiee. Doc Teetsba. Sandovar. Woorbly. Gorp. Gorp Two. Mulva. Krrsk. Mulva. Though the final destinies of some of these friends and allies are lost to history, all played a role in supporting the crew of the Double Dealer (and, for a time, the Triple Deuce).

Some of their stories continued. Some were never heard from again. All were heroes, and Good Guys, in their own ways.

Keep double dealing.

May the Force Be With You … Always.


MatthewJent MatthewJent

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