Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session four

"Follow my plan."

- On the surface of Krayiss II, with their ride home having just jumped out of system, the Dealers discuss their options…

- One: do nothing and wait for Fero to return.

- Two: make their own way back to the Double Dealer, and wait for Fero there.

- Three: make their own way back to the Double Dealer, and head for Dathomir.

- As “wait for Fero to return” offered little chance of forward movement, the Dealers leave the Bent Pyramid and find a landing pad. It currently has two shuttles waiting for clearance to launch, a squad of stormtroopers on guard, various load-lifting droids milling about, and two pilots per shuttle.

- Ja develops a plan: Brosef is to create a distraction, hopefully drawing off the stormtroopers. The remaining Dealers will take over both shuttles, sending one on autopilot. From the other, they’ll again use Krrsk Kitran’s Imperial codes to send a message — that the Dealers are aboard the autopiloted shuttle, and that they are in pursuit of the rebels.

- The plan moves forward even better than expected. Zamda dispatches the pilot of one shuttle as Brosef, using the landspeeder, draws off half of the stormtrooper squad. Brosef tries to make his escape, but as ever, planetary piloting skills elude the Dealers. Fortunately, by reversing instead of accelerating, Brosef runs down the stormtroopers in pursuit.

- Gand and Ja make short work of the remaining stormtrooper squad. Zamda sets the shuttle to autopilot and it takes off toward the moons.

- The other two pilots try to investigate the commotion, but the combined Dealers dispatch them easily.

- The group recovers the Double Dealer and discuss whether they should turn over the sith mask to the monks in the Temple of the Servant, as had been agreed. Instead, they jump the Dealer and their new shuttle out of system, arranging with Gorp to take possession of the Imperial shuttle.

- They send an encoded message to Fero that they’re moving on to Dathomir, to pursue the last of their leads….

Zamda: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 5. Duty: 5.
Brosef: 5. Duty: 5.
Ja: 5. Duty: 5.

Congratulations! The Double Dealers have reached Alliance Contribution Rank: 2
This means the group’s contributions to the fight against the Empire have gained them some renown with the Rebel Alliance — and some infamy with Empire itself.

As a group, you are considered tested soldiers and trusted collaborators. You are respected and trusted by the Alliance. You are all promoted to the rank of SERGEANT in the Rebel Alliance.

To the Empire, you are considered to have limited but useful tactical intelligence value. Re-education is still possible, but unlikely. Execution after interrogation is recommended. Use of bounty hunters to capture or eliminate you is rare, but may be possible.

The Double Dealers have also earned a new Alliance Reward. This comes in one of three forms, and must be decided on by the group.

1. Equipment. If you opt for individual pieces of equipment, each of you may choose one piece of equipment (weapon, armor, gear, etc.) to receive from the Alliance for free. These pieces of gear cannot have a rarity greater than 3, plus the party’s current Contribution rank — for a total of 5.

2. Vehicle. If you select a party-owned vehicle as your reward, you can choose one vehicle or starship to receive from the Alliance for free. This vehicle or starship cannot have a rarity greater than 3 plus the party’s current Contribution rank — for a total of 5. The price and size of vehicle the Alliance is willing to part with is ultimately up to your GM.

3. Strategic Asset. This might be a safe house in a specific system, temporary use of a powerful Alliance ship, a smaller cell of Alliance operatives to aid you in your missions, or anything else you can imagine. This should be worked on among the Dealers (and your GM) to make narrative sense, and appropriate for your current Contribution rank.

Your individual Duty ranks have been reset to 0.

- one Sentinel-class Imperial shuttle, turned over to the Rebel Alliance
- 4 suits of Imperial Stormtrooper armor


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