Masks of Adas

Most/Some/All of the party has spent time in Teemo the Hutt’s service. He is below Jabba in mafia rank, but he is quite fearsome in Mos Shuuta, not known for leniency towards debts, disrespect, or avoidance of obligations. He’s prefer to impound your ship and take your head before initiating a conversation about ways to work it out.

The party escaped from Teemo’s service, killed his favorite bounty hunter, and made off with some information and cargo without his permission. Once in flight, you tangled with a squad of TIE fighters above Tattooine (pretty good bet the Imperials are still looking for the Krayt Fang, there’s an interrogation droid with your name on it). The KF was in ill repair and out of fuel, and you headed towards the closest planet to hopefully find repairs and fuel. In the cargo bays, you found Wookie pelts, evidence damning Teemo as the captor of the Duke’s main technician, and a Twi’lek, tortured and missing a lekku (from torture), who convinced you to help his cohorts in order to drive off Teemo’s henchmen from the mines.

Enroute to said mines, you were ambushed by some very stupid bounty hunters who were ineffective at killing you, and tried to hide in a cave with a big beast (and became snacks).

This leads into Session 3: you fought off the miners’ adversaries and then found a way to get close to Teemo’s palace. Unfortunately, in Teemo’s eyes, you are dead men. You found he placed a 50,000 credit bounty on your heads, and he seems to have a pretty good idea where you have been.

15 XP
2000 Credits


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