Woorbly's Last Notes

Woorbly’s Dathomir Notes

- met with Imperial bureaucrats regarding Prin Expedition disappearance. Their distaste at dealing with an alien is clear. They stuck to official story.

- Visited massacre site. The very land is barren, and local Dathomiri claim this place is cursed by “The God of the Black Winds,” who lives on a mountain top. Primitive superstition, or something more?

- Met with Dathomiri calling himself “Jomo Datho.” Claims Prin Massacre performed by “The Cult of the Bloody Tongue.” He says they are based in the nearby mountains and they are led by a high priestess (Nightsisters connection?). Local Dathomiri tribes seem to hate and fear the Bloody Tongue. That’s saying a lot, considering the long history of the Dark Side on this world. But they don’t seem to be local to Dathomir itself.

- I can personally confirm this “Bloody Tongue” cult is real — I haven’t seen them myself, but there’s more than enough independent evidence that they’re not just some boogeyman story concocted by the Imperials to cover up the Prin Massacre. Stories of child sacrifice and winged creatures that come down from the “Mountain of the Black Winds.” The stories don’t match Sith traditions, but there are certain familiar echoes…

- Must visit Krayiss II personally. That is the key. Examine Prin itinerary there. The reason for Dathomir is THERE.

(long interview with Sergeant of the 532rd Stormtrooper Squad, responsible for discovering the Prin Massacre site on Dathomir. Relevant excerpts follow…)

W: How long have you served the Empire, Sergeant?

S: My entire life, creature.

W: Of course. But how long would that be, exactly?

S: I helped squash the CIS, you vile thing.

W: Since the Clone Wars, then. You’ve seen many battles, I presume.

S: That’s right I have. But … nothing like this. Those bodies were torn apart. They’d been there weeks, but nothing had decayed. Almost as if decay itself wouldn’t come near the place. It doesn’t make any sense.

W: That’s not what the official report says.

S: Right. Well, the official report is what happened. All I can tell you is what I saw. And those kwi — they don’t tear apart people like that. I mean, the kwi were responsible, of course. It’s all there in the report.

W: Of course.

S: I’m just telling you. What sort of creature tears things apart like that? It’s unimaginable. Inexplicable. Maybe it was was the Dathomiri, trying to rile up sentiment against the kwi. Wouldn’t be the first time.

W: And none of the expedition’s leaders were found there?

S: No. Just their Dathomiri guides and bearers. That’s in the report, and that’s what I saw.

- Met “Nails Nelson” at a cantina. Bounty hunter. Fed him credits to get his story. He’s worked with the Empire and with the Rebels — he’s wanted by both for double-crossing both — he claims he’s seen Styvv, the Wookiee who joined the Prin Expedition, months after the supposed massacre. Saw him on Ord Mantell, going through the junkyards there. Said the Wookiee was friendly, or as friendly as Wookiees get, but guarded and tense. Nelson didn’t press him. Don’t know that I blame him.

- But if Styvv is alive, are the others? What does Styvv know?

- Need to get to Ord Mantell to track down Styvv. Should explore Krayiss also.

- Too many names, too many forms. Need help. This is getting too big.

- Starting to dream. Like Prin? Check that Neimodian’s files.

- All of them survived, I know it. They’ll open the gate. Why?

- The books are in Prin’s safe.

- No quitting now. Must make believers. Double Dealers? Send them after Styvv while I go to Krayiss? Or other way around? Find them on Hosk? Prin sister so close. Coincidence?

- Shadows are moving. Eyes everywhere. Becoming an infochant cliche.

- Should set up a drop in case I’m not just being paranoid.

- While on Hosk, contact Professor Crowles. Human. Knows Rakatan tech. Maybe Prin contacted him before he left?

Woorbly's Last Notes

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