The Ramblings of Nom Kussar

The scrolls speak of NOM KUSSAR reluctantly deciding to open the SITH HOLOCRON OF MARKA RAGNOS, to ascertain its historical importance before destroying it.

He later reports the Ragnos Holocron speaks of another — a holocron of KING ADAS, an old king of the Sith people who lived for 300 years and helped repel the Rakatan invaders from the old Sith worlds some 30,000 years ago. Kussar feels THIS holocron would be of true importance in the ongoing conflict against modern-day Sith. If we can only understand WHY Jedi turn to the Dark Side…

Kussar begins to have visions of a BLOATED WOMAN who tells him the answers he seeks lie in wait on Krayiss.

Kussar is visited by Kieran Prin — the Chiss — who he shows the Ragnos Holocron to.

Some kind of jump in time — it is unclear how much — and Kussar speaks of another Holocron, but it is unclear whose it is. He speaks of a true path revealed, and that the old Sith are different from these new. They knew things. The King has learned even more since his death, and he will pass it on. He’s transcended good and evil, Jedi and Sith. Transcended his very name. He wears many masks. He is the King, the Woman, the Sand Mynock, the Bloody Tongue. All are Adas.

The last scrolls speak of a rebel agent who has infiltrated his warehouse operation. MAS AMEDDA, heretofore unmentioned, believes she knows of a lost Jedi Holocron that could endanger their plans. It also speaks of THE PALE VIPER, who plans to blast the dragon and bleed Ord Mantell.

The Ramblings of Nom Kussar

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