Stories and Rumors of Coachelle

Rumors and Stories circulating around Coachelle…

- The days immediately following the fight with Cratala & Surana were chaotic. The power vacuum caused a fight to break out among Surana’s lieutenants, resulting in open violence in the streets.

- Rebel agents became worried about their connect to smuggled weapons – which meant THE KIBBLER — and they attempted to storm the facility. The explosives and chemicals stored there were volatile, and the resulting firefight caused multiple explosions — the Kibbler was destroyed and many of the best rebel agents on Coachelle were killed or captured by Imperials in the aftermath.

- The open violence gave the Empire the excuse they needed to enforce a blockade around the planet. No one gets on or off without passing through intense Imperial checkpoints. Even sending messages is difficult — there has, perhaps understandably, been no attempt from NOM KUSSAR to reach you.

- Recently-promoted MOFF PARS OSSNAN has been given supreme authority over the Terr’skiar Sector, of which Coachelle is a part. He has placed DONGO CALRISSIAN in the role of planetary governor. Dongo is on-world, but Moff Ossnan oversees the planet from a Praetor-II class battlecruiser called REVENGE. Moff Ossnan believes

- Dongo himself has recently returned from a brief exile from Coachelle. He has lived on Coachelle for years as a successful businessman — he was forced to leave when he became involved in rumors of Kibbler sabotage. He resurfaced when the Empire tightened their grip on the planet.

- Dongo named the Trandoshan KRRSK KITRAN as his lieutenant, giving Krrsk a YT-1300 freighter as his personal vessel. You recognized the ship as the DOUBLE DEALER, but Krrsk has renamed it the JAGGED FANG. Krrsk was not previously known as an associate of the Empire, but he’s quickly gained a reputation as a ruthless strongman — more likely to bomb entire city blocks from the Fang than he is to send in troops to ferret out rebel or criminal elements.

- Immediately after the deaths of Cratala and Surana, there was an outbreak of droid violence all around Coachelle. Seemingly random droids all around the planet turn their blasters on their owners — or on whatever organics were at hand. The droids involved were all destroyed or detained. Subsequently, droids are treated with particular fear and mistrust.

- Imperial investigations have revealed that all of the droids had processors provided by an organization called ISO-TECH. There are related rumors that ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) agents are investigating ZORKA SECURITY as part of the limited droid uprising.

- A security alert has been issued by the ISB for ZAMDA TRIST, described as a “known thief, murderer, and computer specialist.” He is described as being a possible agent of Iso-Tech, and is suspected to have been involved in a break-in at a Zorka Security facility after/during the brief droid uprising. He is wanted for questioning regarding this, as well as security breaches elsewhere in the galaxy. A bounty of 15,000 credits has been authorized by the ISB if Zamda is capture alive.

- TYPHH RX’LBG has been seen on Coachelle. He is a Gand Findsman, a Force-sensitive tracker. While Typhh was previously known as a finder of lost souls (or objects), scuttlebutt on Coachelle says he’s taken on the role of judge, jury and executioner in underworld disputes. In the absence of the Black Sun, Typhh’s name is becoming synonymous with fear and respect.

- The CRUST BUNNY is becoming a known gathering place of those with nowhere else to go. Lots of faces come in and out on any given day, and it’s becoming impossible to have any kind of privacy. It’s the latest in a line of bases of operations for undesirables under tightened Imperial rule. In the recent past, once a location becomes known for this kind of thing, a visit from the Jagged Fang isn’t too far behind. The Crust Bunny isn’t quite that well known yet, but — in the current climate of paranoia and fear, it’s hard to know if everyone who comes and goes is a friend or a foe…

Stories and Rumors of Coachelle

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