Sanity Checks

Sanity Checks

The galaxy is filled with frightful creatures and situations, but even the most experienced explorers are occasionally faced with events that threaten to shatter their hold on reality. When faced with such unimaginable horrors, players may be called on to make a SANITY CHECK.

A sanity check is made by building a dice pool based on your character’s DISCIPLINE skill. The GM sets the difficulty of the check based on what kind of unspeakable horrors you are face with. Coming face to face with undead zombies in the tomb of a Sith lord on Korriban might be a HARD sanity check, but finding those same zombies in your familial home — and realizing those zombies are actually the shambling corpses of your parents — could call for a DAUNTING check.

While the Force is a definite presence in the Galaxy, most sentient beings have been taught by the Empire that the Force is nothing more but hokey religion and superstition. Most brushes with the Force won’t call for a sanity check, but especially egregious displays of the dark side may strain the limits of a character’s understanding of the universe.

The effects of sanity checks

Rolling a FAILURE that is not cancelled by a SUCCESS calls for a roll on the Insanity Table below. Failing sanity checks is cumulative over a character’s life.

Each FAILURE rolled over a character’s career adds +1 to the character’s future rolls on the Insanity Table.

Each DESPAIR rolled over a character’s career adds +5 to the character’s future rolls on the Insanity Table.

Rolling SUCCESS with THREATS can be interpreted by the GM. Most likely the result will be strain. Rolling FAILURE with ADVANTAGE can lower the results of the Insanity Table by 1 point per ADVANTAGE.

Sanity Checks are meant to represent rare but terrifying glimpses into the unspeakable horrors of the Dark Side.

Insanity Results

01-05 It Can’t Be The target suffers 1 strain
06-10 Slowed Down The target can only act during the last allied Initiative slot on his next turn.
11-15 No! The target drops whatever is in hand.
16-20 Distracted The target cannot perform a free maneuver during his next turn.
21-25 That’s … Impossible! Add 1 BLACK SETBACK DIE to his next skill check
26-30 The Galaxy is Against You Flip one light side Destiny point to a dark side Destiny point.
31-35 Stunned The target is staggered until the end of his next turn.
36-40 Never Tell Me the Odds Increase difficulty of next check by one

41-45 Bowled Over The target falls prone and suffers 1 strain
46-50 Does Not Compute The difficulty of all Intellect & Cunning checks increased by one until encounters end
51-55 The Galaxy is Vast and Terrible The difficulty of all Presence & Willpower checks increased by one until encounters end
56-60 Knee-Buckling Horror The difficulty of all Brawn & Agility checks increased by one until encounters end
61-65 This Makes No Sense Target disoriented until the end of the encounter
66-70 Scattered & Alone Target removes all BLUE BOOST DICE until end of the encounter
71-75 Rooted to the Floor Target loses free maneuver until end of the encounter
76-80 Contemplating Your Place in the Galaxy Target leaves himself open and any opponent who had previously attacked the target during this encounter may immediately attempt another free attack against him
81-85 It’s All Too Much Until the end of the encounter, the target cannont voluntarily suffer strain to active any abilities or gain additional maneauvers
86-90 Compromising Position Increased difficulty of all skill checks by one until encounters end

91-95 At the Brink The target suffers 1 strain every time he performs an action
96-100 Everything is Wrong The target’s INTELLECT score is permanently reduced by 1.
101-105 Not as Clever as You Thought The target’s CUNNING score is permanently reduced by 1.
106-110 So This is How Things Are The target’s PRESENCE score is permanently reduced by 1.
111-115 It’s All in Your Head The target is permanently limited to one maneuver per turn.
116-120 I’d Rather See Nothing The target can no longer see. Upgrade the difficulty of all checks twice. Upgrade the difficulty of Perception and Vigilance checks three times.
121-125 Senseless The target is staggered for the remainder of the encounter

126-130 I’ll Just Shut Myself Down Now The target’s WILLPOWER score is permanently reduced by 1.
131-140 Slippery Slope Every round in the presence of the cause of the sanity check gives the target 1 strain at the beginning of his turn. For every 5 strain suffered, roll again on this table and apply the injury. If this result is rolled a second time, roll again.
141-150 The End is Nigh Unless knocked unconscious, the target will die after the last Initiative slot during the next round, preferring the cold embrace of the next world to the horrible realities of this one.

151+ Dead Complete and utter mind-death, in one single, searing instant.

Sanity Checks

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