Hosk Pillar articles regarding the Prin Expedition


KIERAN PRIN, the playboy whom everybody knows — or knows about — has extricated himself from the blockade of Coachelle and is headed to the mysterious KRAYISS SYSTEM! You’ve seen the cuties KIERAN has found in the Coachelle nightspots. Who can doubt he’ll dig up someone — er, something — equally fabulous from the Krayissian sands!

- Hosk Pillar


Led by the fabulously wealthy playboy KIERAN PRIN, the Prin Expedition departed this morning for CORONET CITY aboard the crack corvette The Emperor’s Standard. Contrary to earlier reports, the expedition will perform researches in Coronet City under the auspices of the Penhew Foundation before continuing to the Krayiss System.

Readers may recall the enormous party which Mr. Prin gave on Csilla upon reaching his majority. Since then, scandals, indelicate behavior, and a brief period as an outlaw from Imperial justice have become Prin’s trademark. But he has reportedly put all of that behind him, no doubt following a tense interview with Imperial forces on Coachelle.

Members of the expedition have been reluctant to reveal their purpose in the Krayiss System.

Other Expedition Members…

Renowned Expert on Dead Civilizations Sir Aubrey Penhew is assistant leader of the team, and in charge of operations.
[[:vale-doodo |
Dr. Vale Doodo]], Neimoidian expert on antiquities and behavioral sciences, accompanies the expedition to pursue parallel researches into ancient pictographs.

Miss Hypatia Masters, a twi’lek dancer linked to Prin’s past, will act as photographer and archivist.

Styffulnac, a wookiee bounty hunter and intimate to Mr. Prin, accompanies the group as general factotum.

Additional members may be secured while in Coronet City.

- Hosk Pillar


Aubrey Penhew, temporary spokesman for the Prin Expedition, indicated that the leaders are taking ship to the QUELII SECTOR for a “well-earned rest.”

Penhew debunked rumors that the expedition had discovered clues to the legendary wealth of the lost Rakatan mines , maintaining that the party was going on safari “in respite from our sandy labors.”

Kieran Prin, wealthy Chiss leader of the expedition, was unavailable for comment, still suffering from his recent sunstroke.

Discussing the unfortunate incident, local experts declared Krayiss II entirely too hot for Chiss this time of year, and suggested that the young archaeologist had not been well-served by his democratic enthusiasm, rumored to have led him to personally wield pick and shovel.

- Hosk Pillar (two months after previous dispatch)


Imperial Outpost, Dathomir: Leading members of a Chiss-led archaeological expedition arrived on holiday from digs in the Krayiss system.

Admiral Zsinj held a welcoming dinner for them aboard the Star Destroyer IRON FIST, where the wit of Sir Aubrey Penhew, expedition co-leader, was much in evidence.

Accompanying Sir Aubrey were a colorful party made up of a Neimodian, a Wookiee slave, a beautiful Twi’lek, and youthful Chiss financier Kieran Prin.

The party heads into the Dathomir interior tomorrow, no doubt to hunt rancor.

- Hosk Pillar (two weeks after previous dispatch)


Imperial Outpost, Dathomir: Imperial security representatives today asked for public assistance concerning the disappearance of the Prin Expedition. No word of the party has been received in nearly two months.

The group includes wealthy playchiss Kieran Prin and his motley crew of alien servants, as well as respected expert on dead civilizations Sir Aubrey Penhew, of Corellia.

The expedition went into the Dathomiri interior ostensibly on holovid safari, but rumor insisted that they were actually after legendary Rakatan treasures.

Prin and his party reportedly intended to explore portions of the Great Canyon, north of the Frenzied River.

- Hosk Pillar (two months after previous dispatch)


Imperial Outpost, Dathomir: The massacre of the long-missing Prin Expedition was confirmed today by district Imperial representatives.

Kieran Prin, Csilla’s rollicking playchiss, is counted among the missing.

Authorities blame the hostile, degenerate Kwi for the shocking murders. Remains of at least two-dozen expedition members and bearers are thought found in several concealed grave sites.

Erica Prin, Kieran Prin’s sister and apparent heiress to the Prin family fortune, led the dangerous search for her brother and his party. She credited Dathomiri tribesmen for the discovery, though stormtroopers actually found the site.

Among other expedition members believed lost are Sir Aubrey Penhew, noted expert on dead civilizations; Twi’lek socialite Hypatia Masters, and Dr. Vale Doodo. Many bearers are also reported dead.

- Hosk Pillar (2 months after previous dispatch)


Imperial Outpost, Dathomir: Five Kwi, near-bestial degenerate saurians native to Dathomir, were tracked down and destroyed after they were found to be responsible for the vicious Prin Expedition massacre.

To the end, the Kwi fought viciously against the brave stormtroopers who tracked them down. Though descended from intelligent Kwa, the Kwi are unable to speak and were therefore unable to reveal what had become of the bodies of the leaders of the expedition. No doubt they were consumed by these terrible, bloodthirsty creatures.

Miss Erica Prin, defeated in her efforts to rescue her brother, left several weeks ago, but is surely comforted now by the triumph of Imperial justice. Miss Prin returned to Kalarba, her home away from Chiss.

- Hosk Pillar (one month after previous dispatch)

Hosk Pillar articles regarding the Prin Expedition

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