Tag: krayiss


  • Faraz Najir

    A mysterious red-skinned alien who owns a shop on the first moon of Krayiss II. A holographic message from him to [[:kieran-5 | Kieran Prin]] was found on the bodies of one of the killers of [[:woorbly | xWoorbly]] on Hosk Station.

  • Carl Emerson

    An Imperial shuttle pilot who bussed the Dealers down to Krayiss. His grandfather worked as a vet, before all of these star wars began.

  • Omo Shakto

    A plantation owner living on Krayiss II. He aided the Prin Expedition and the Penhew Foundation when the expedition visited Krayiss II. Several objects were stolen from him by Faraz Najir and sold to Prin and Penhew. He accepted the Dealers' help to …