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  • Database of Gavos Miners

    *Bonda Beeswa*. Rodian male, 22. Convicted of tampering with games of chance and blackmail. Sentenced to 7 years of hard labor. Commuted to voluntary employment at Gavos. *Gand*. Gand, ?. Arrogant. Won't last. *Sermas Kay*. Human male, 26. From …

  • x3D-4K

    A supervisor droid in charge of daily operations at the oridium mine on Gavos. 3D attempted to lead a droid rebellion on Gavos, but was destroyed by the crew of the Double Dealer.

  • xEV-8D3

    EV-8D9 is an administrative droid tasked with greeting visitors to the mines and ensuring they are well catered for. After the destruction of the mine, EV joined the crew of the Double Dealer. He enjoys telling [[:fero-greet]] about the lives and daily …

  • xMarv Moray

    Human. Originally from the Mid Rim, Marv has been the mine chief for a decade. Though he survived the droid rebellion at the Gavos mine, he took refuge with other miners in the depths of the mine. He was killed when the mine collapsed in on itself.