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  • Edward Gavigan

    A Corellian human in his 50s, he is the head of the Penhew Foundation in Coronet City. The estate where the Dealers discovered cultist activity, and subsequently destroyed, was owned by Gavigan.

  • Yalesha

    Yalesha approached Gand when the Dealers visited the Blue Pyramid Club in Coronet City on Corellia. She said Gand stood out to her. She knew why Gand had come. Her boyfriend -- Dorpoor, a Gran -- had been killed a few weeks ago. A lot of aliens had …

  • James Barro

    A scrappy, scoundrel-type, Barro is an inspector with Coronet City Security on Corellia. He recognized Gand -- at first thinking he was a different Gand than Gand, but finally affirming that he'd heard of this particular private eye before, and was …

  • Tewfik Sayd

    A Critokian, a seven-foot-tall bipedal arachnid. A spice dealer in the CoHo section of Coronet City. Rumored to be a patron of the Blue Pyramid Club, especially on nights when other patrons disappear. ------ Ja was nearly caught breaking into his …