Masks of Adas

Episode III, session one
Into the depths of a mysterious mine...


In orbit around Druckenwell, a harsh communication from 2VAC’s associate (and a former student of Doc Teetsba) named Sergei Spokane convinced the crew of the Double Dealer to leave the droid factory planet. The group continued on to Gavos, where their next job awaited them.

Approaching the oridium mine on Gavos, the Double Dealer was greeted only by silence. Exploring the seemingly abandoned mine, they found the bodies of several of the miners, as well as an abandoned Firespray starcraft on an alternate landing pad.

Further exploration of the mine revealed an administrative droid called EV-8D3, fitted with a restraining bolt, who remembered nothing of why the mine was so empty. EV-8D3 led the group to an administrative office where they discovered the credits they needed to bring back to Blotto, as well as security camera footage showing a small cloud car leaving by the main landing pad, and the arrival of a sullustan pilot in the Firespray on the alternate landing pad.

The group encountered the medical droid FX-769, who was not fitted with a restraining bolt, but was similarly silent on the status of the mine. As overhead announcements revealed the destruction of the barrier generators that were keeping the mine safe from Gavos’s dangerous storms, the group decided to split up: 2VAC and Zamda headed out in the Double Dealer to investigate the generators, while Fero and Ja headed to the entrance of the mine.

At the last operational generator, 2VAC and Zamda encountered Lookout, an exploration droid, piloting a cloud car. Though Zamda was able to take remote control of the cloud car’s weapons, Lookout piloted the cloud car directly into the last generator, destroying it.

Below ground, Fero and Ja encountered a group of droids at the entrance to the mine. Scans revealed several life forms deep within the mine, and the supervisor droid 3D-4K explained that the miners had taken refuge there when pirates attacked the mines recently. 3D-4K agreed to send a small PK worker droid in a mine car to bring the miners up.

But with the generators destroyed and the storm moving in, which will certainly destroy the mine, 3D and the other droids (6 B1 battle droids, 2 load lifters, and 1 more PK droid) have headed to the Firespray to escape the doomed mine…

165,000 credits

2VAC – 20
Fero – 15
Zamda – 15
Ja – 15

Episode II, session three: The Kibbler
Genocide Avoided, as Brother Battles Brother


After Ja received an accidental comlink communique from Dongo — Dongo thought Ja was actually Ja’s brother Krrsk — the group started to realize that this mission wasn’t all it appeared to be. Gaining entrance to the Kibbler by way of the drunken Albee, 2VAC rejoined the party and thoroughly failed at identifying the contents of the cargo they were transporting; Zamda stepped in and fiddled with his datapad and discovered that it was not, in fact, a cure to a lepi disease, but rather it was a disease. The group had been on the verge of infecting the lepi with an evolved form of the Blue Shadow Virus. In addition, they discovered that the lepi had been secretly supplying the rebel alliance with weapons.

After some debate, the group returned to Boomer’s Garage and attempted to contact Dongo Calrissian. Dongo was nowhere to be found, and Boomer himself was found murdered, shot in the back.

From the shadows of the garage, a cathar named Surana Rho revealed herself, dressed in the uniform of Zorka Security. She explained to the group that she was one of the good guys, and that they were — or nearly were — the bad guys in this scenario. The group turned over the evolved Blue Shadow Virus to Surana and her associates.

But Surana wasn’t the only person in the garage. Ja’s brother Krrsk had also found employment from Zorka Security, which he claimed was a front for Black Sun. He offered Ja and his friends employment as well, if Ja would submit to Krrsk removing his arm again, this time permanently. The Kitran brothers battled, and it became clear that Krrsk, while a bully and an asshole, never intended to kill or permanently harm his brother. Krrsk had largely abandoned trandoshan values and traditions and was content to live the life of an employed mercenary, shoving his brother around and teaching him his own set of values. Bloodied but at a standstill, Krrsk agreed to release Ja from the lifedebt the younger brother owed the elder — but Krrsk claimed that bartering their family’s jagganath blade had been a lie. Krrsk told Ja their ancestral blade was still with their mother, Kosk, back on Dosha.

Following the trandoshans’ family scuffle, Surana promised to demote Krrsk, and she offered the group a potential job opportunity: there was a toydarian named [[:blotto] who had recently won an oridium mine in a game of chance, and he needed someone to travel to the mine, check out its operations, and bring back the first batch of credits Blotto believes he is owed. If the group could successfully complete this job, with a minimal loss of life, then perhaps Surana and her organization could use them for more important jobs in the future.

After a brief meeting with Blotto on Nar Shadda, where he seemed to have some miscreant gamorreans loitering outside his mansion, the group headed to the mine in the small Gavos system. After being waved through an Imperial checkpoint in bothan space (“Double Dealer? Ah, here you are. Carry on, Captain McNally”), the group got a bit lost and wound up in orbit around Druckenwell, a planet 2VAC had expressed a private interest in…


Fero: 20
Zamda: 20
2VAC: 20
Ja: 20

Episode II, session two: Arrival on Coachelle
On a rabbit world, playing rabbit games...


After some time spent licking one another’s wounds, our heroes continued on their way to Coachelle Prime. Arriving in orbit around the planet, they found that the Imperial presence here was minimal compared to other worlds they’ve visited of late. They landed the Double Dealer in a private hanger at the behest of their contact.

They were greeted by DONGO CALRISSIAN, a smuggler and contact of their employer, Sude Raalo. Dongo was captivated by Fero Greet’s naivete and guileless charm, and he offered to lead Fergo, Zamda and Ja to a secure location, away from Imperial spies. But before they could even reach a nearby airspeeder, unseen snipers attacked and destroyed the droid driver of the speeder.

Fero immediately took the wheel as the others boarded the speeder. They took off into the busy airlanes of Coachelle with another speeder in pursuit. Ja recognized their pursuers as agents of ZORKA SECURITY, a known front operation of the BLACK SUN criminal operation.

Fero piloted the airspeeder into an alley, luring the Zorka thugs into a trap. Ja hopped from one airspeeder to another, quickly dispatched their foes, and requisitioned the airspeeder. The group then followed Dongo’s directions to BOOMER’S GARAGE, run by BOOMER, a rotund rabbit.

Faced with finding a way to deliver their cargo to Coachelle’s main kibbler processing plant, Zamda took to Coachelle’s holonet and discovered KWIK’S, a hangout for off-duty plant employees. The group encountered ALBEE, a plant security guard with a weakness for sabaac. Fero proved himself a sabaac savant and won Albee’s respect as the group plied him with drinks, convincing Albee to offer Fero a late-night tour of the processing plant.

Ja tore himself away from the dejarik table as he and Zamda, along with their cargo, followed Fero and Albee to the kibbler processing plant…

Ja: 20
Zamda: 15
Fero: 15

- 2000 credits via sabaac
- 1500 credits for the airspeeder

Episode II, session one: A Meeting with Mulva
The Double Dealers travel to Coachelle and meet someone from Gand's past en route.


After some downtime on Geonosis, the Double Dealers were called in by Sude Raalo for a new job. Raalo asked if they had any Imperial sympathies, or if they would be interested in striking a blow against the dreaded Galactic Empire by taking on a mission to save the lives of billions of lepi.

Raalo revealed that the crate found on the derelict Trade Federation ship was actually medical cargo, and that it contained the cure for a disease recently manufactured and introduced into the lepi’s homeworled, Coachelle. Located in the Mid Rim, the journey to Coachelle could be long and perilous…

Zamda and 2VAC worked together and found three possible hyperspace routes. The fastest was also the riskiest, taking the group along the Corellian Run and into the Galactic Core, with Imperial checkpoints a certainty. Another option would be a route through Bothan space — longer, but with an Imperial presence just as likely given the recent crackdown on any systems suspected to hold rebel sympathies. But there was a third option: the Ootmian Pabol. A little known (and now little-used) route through Hutt Space, this route would guarantee minimal Imperial entanglements.

On the way to Coachelle, the Double Dealer picked up a weak distress signal near Nar Shadda. Investigating, the group fell into a pirate trap when they boarded a seemingly stationary vessel. But again, Zamda and 2VAC, as if they were two minds in one body, worked together from the Double Dealer to support the landing party of Fero, Ja, and Gand.

But Gand immediately recognized a familiar presence. The pirate leader was none other than Mulva, the Gammorrean former holovid star that had escaped Gand’s grasp (and his heart) years before. After a brief firefight, the group absconded from the ship with Mulva as a captive. The surviving pirates immediately fled, leaving the Double Dealer with a new passenger, who most certainly did not want to be there…

20 per player

4 heavy blaster pistols
4 vibroknives

The Derelict Ship
Investigation a relic from the Clone Wars, the Double Dealers take their first steps into a larger adventure...


Before leaving Geonosis, the Double Dealers encountered an old friend: a gand named Gand, sent to assassinate them and collect the bounty placed on their heads by Teemo the Hutt. When Gand was informed Teemo was dead, the private investigator listlessly helped Doc Teetsba load a powersled of droid parts onto the group’s ship, then took a seat. He was till aboard when the Double Dealers, along with the special team dispatched by their employer, the neimoidian Sude Raalo, left Geonosis for the derelict Trade Federation ship, the Starworm.

Fero managed to correct their mysterious travelers’ own astrogation coordinates and successfully found the derelict Starworm. Two busted-up TIE fighters were already in the area, and when Gand unsuccessfully tried to communicate with them over the comm, the ships engaged in combat. Ja and … 2-VAC? manned (or roboted) the turrets and destroyed the fighters, but not before Gand overheard one last transmission, confirming to someone else their location.

After navigating the field of debris (and being fired upon by some still-operational battle droids), the DDs donned spacesuits and found entry into the derelict ship. Ja returned to the ship check his email while Fero, 2-VAC, Gand and Doc accompanied the specialist inside. Doc used the specialists’ gonk droid to power up limited systems on the derelict ship, revealing even more operational battle droids. After Doc and 2-VAC failed to reason with them, the DDs destroyed the droids as limited gravity capabilities came online.

After successfully locating the remote processor, the group almost lost hope finding a new transponder. But their bothan comrade Zamda finally woke up from his nap aboard their ship, and came on board to locate it under a milk crate. The specialists sent by Sude Raalo returned, having successfully located the mysterious cargo they were sent to recover.

All returned safely to the Double Dealer, and just before jumping back into hyperspace they witnessed the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Whether or not the Imperials IDed the group, they returned to Geonosis to collect their payment and replace their transponder, hopefully freeing them from successful Imperial entanglements…

- 1000 credits, in payment for cargo from the derelict ship
- 2500 credits, in payment for the remote processor
- new transponder for the Double Dealer

(note: I may or may not be making up whole-hog the amount of credits you were promised. I know it was “15%” of the worth of the cargo recovered from the ship. If you know it’s a different amount, chime in. Be honest, or the Force won’t be with you.)


If that link works, it’s an opening crawl for our next adventure.

Act III: Enter Teemo's Palace

The party spent the trip to Tatooine comparing notes on Teemo’s palace, trying to find a way in. The entrances were sealed and the landing pad was secure. They would need to pull something subtle, but they didn’t know what that might look like.

While they talked, the crew began to notice a scraping and bumping coming from one of the lockers on board. Ja pulled the locker door open and found a pair of skinny young Rodians huddled on a pile of gear. They looked terrified, and the salvo of questions Ja launched at them made them more so. They told the group they were hiding after the shoot-out on the landing pad. They had been told to help smuggle a group into the palace, but the shoot out had scared them, and they weren’t sure if the people steering the ship were smugglers or just pirates. Ja called them liars and shut the locker, and some of the crew started muttering about finding an airlock, but Fero convinced Ja to let them out on the condition that they help.

The Rodians pointed the group to the cargo crates in the back—there were a number of droids, all of them broken, packed in them. They were part of a droid army, they said, being shipped to Teemo (information that the party knew the other Hutts would want to know about). They party perked up. Doc especially. The group began pulling droid parts out of the crates, and the Rodians agreed to call Teemo for a cargo pick-up with the crew inside the boxes. With a way in secured, the group looked for a landing spot. They eneded up in a spaceport on the edge of town, and once they had landed, they risked a trip into the small city to grab supplies.

On their way back from the shops, they stumbled across a pair of Gamorans who had sniffed them out in the space port. The Gamorans caught two of the party in the front hold of the ship, but Doc managed to make some noise and alert the crew. A scuffle ensued, and the Gamorans, after landing a few ax blows, were filled with laser holes.

Eager to get away from the carnage, the Rodians packed the party into the crates and delivered them to Teemo’s workshop. They party emerged into a dark room, and crept into the computer mainframe, where they tried to hack the system. Zamda managed to shut down communications, but in doing so, he crashed the server, and the group could not send info to Jabba quite yet.

Having fried the terminal, the group decided to enlist the help of the gladiators in the arena. They snuck into the cells and freed the battered looking men and the lone injured Wookie, and readied themselves to sneak into the throne room.

one toolkit
two glow rods
two emergency repair kits
two stimpaks
three blaster carbines
three vibro-axes


Most/Some/All of the party has spent time in Teemo the Hutt’s service. He is below Jabba in mafia rank, but he is quite fearsome in Mos Shuuta, not known for leniency towards debts, disrespect, or avoidance of obligations. He’s prefer to impound your ship and take your head before initiating a conversation about ways to work it out.

The party escaped from Teemo’s service, killed his favorite bounty hunter, and made off with some information and cargo without his permission. Once in flight, you tangled with a squad of TIE fighters above Tattooine (pretty good bet the Imperials are still looking for the Krayt Fang, there’s an interrogation droid with your name on it). The KF was in ill repair and out of fuel, and you headed towards the closest planet to hopefully find repairs and fuel. In the cargo bays, you found Wookie pelts, evidence damning Teemo as the captor of the Duke’s main technician, and a Twi’lek, tortured and missing a lekku (from torture), who convinced you to help his cohorts in order to drive off Teemo’s henchmen from the mines.

Enroute to said mines, you were ambushed by some very stupid bounty hunters who were ineffective at killing you, and tried to hide in a cave with a big beast (and became snacks).

This leads into Session 3: you fought off the miners’ adversaries and then found a way to get close to Teemo’s palace. Unfortunately, in Teemo’s eyes, you are dead men. You found he placed a 50,000 credit bounty on your heads, and he seems to have a pretty good idea where you have been.

15 XP
2000 Credits


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