Masks of Adas

Episode VII: session nine
"'ll kill ya."

Gand finishes what the Dealers started by killing Mas Amedda with a lightsaber blade to the guts. Ja watches over the surrendered Nom Kussar while the rest of the Dealers investigate the hidden passage discovered behind a broken statue of The Daughter, an embodiment of the Light Side of the Force.

Exploring the passage, the Dealers found two hidden crates storing stashes of weapons and poison, which they took for their own. The passage seemingly ended in a hidden room containing a large statue of the Bloated Woman, who Kussar described as a goddess. On the ceiling of this hidden room, Fero witnessed the Crawling Ceiling, a tableau of formless shapes writhing in an image of red mist. He was aware of eyes staring back at him from within the mist. He felt a strong presence, eager to make contact with him. He saw an asymmetrical pyramid and knew that this pyramid waited for him on Krayiss II.

Beneath the statue, in a teal-colored cabinet, the Dealers discovered a number of paper scrolls, a black robe lined with yellow, another Sith holocron, and a flower press.

In the courtyard, Ja interrogated Nom Kussar. But Kussar was noticeably more scattered, distracted, and unkempt than when the Dealers had known him on Nar Shaddaa. Kussar claimed that he was initially set down this path by the Dealers themselves, when Kieran Prin had sold the Sith holocron of Marka Ragnos to him. Kussar rambled that he was in service to a goddess that would help restore balance to the Galaxy.

Fero realized the Bloated Woman statue, too, blocked a hidden passage. In this smaller room, the Dealers found the missing Choi Moi. She was already dead, locked in a partitioned, glass sarcophagus, her head partially eaten by profoggs. Sandovar snatched a satchel from under the glass case just before Fero tossed an armed thermal detonator into the room, walked back out to the courtyard, and promptly put a blaster bolt in Nom Kussar’s brain.

The Dealers left the Kussar estate after a brief, but failed, shakedown attempt by Ord Mantell security forces. As per usual, one of their speeder bikes stalled out. Another knocked over a trashcan.

Among Choi Moi’s personal items was a keycard for the FARTY BANTHA hostel, and a holograph of a selkath named Tangu-Yu, marked “Rebel contact of questionable reliability. Staying at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casnio.” Heading to the Farty Bantha, the Dealers collected Choi Moi’s belongings that had been left there, including an unencrypted datapad that claimed the rebel agent she reported to was named JERG MIN. There was no other information on Jerg Min, but the datapad also stated that Choi Moi’s ultimate mission was to gain access to the GREY DRAGON MOON, one of several small moons in orbit around Ord Mantell.

On the way to the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino to seek out Tangu-Yu, Ja bought everybody suits.


At the Imperial Palace, the Dealers were stopped at the front entrance by security droids who reminded them that no weapons were allowed on the premises. While Sandovar and Gand disoriented a droid and snuck in the back, Ja convinced a security droid at the front that they were high rollers who were permitted immediate entrance. The security droid was so impressed, it established a combat perimeter around the Dealers and escorted them directly to a high roller suite on the 12th floor. A protocol droid also accompanied them, and was given a drink to hold by Fero. Impersonating a drunk, Fero broke down into very real tears as he thought about the events of that morning. That pyramid … what was left of Choi Moi …

Meanwhile! Sandovar and Gand found Tangu-Yu’s room on the 14th floor, and they promptly picked the lock. It opened on a surprised Gammorrean guard, but after a brief scuffle, Gand and Fero calmed the situation and spoke with the selkath.

Tangu-Yu told the Dealers he was on Ord Mantell in pursuit of Styvv the Wookiee, who Tangu-Yu claimed had stolen a Jedi holocron from his personal collection. Tangu-Yu offered to continue the conversation with Fero in private, as he was quite attracted to what he believed was a hu-man lay-dee. But Fero and the Dealers opted to leave when they confirmed that Tangu-Yu did not know Styvv’s current location.

Brosef: 10. Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 10. Duty: -
Fero: 10. Duty: 5.
Gand: 10. Duty: 0.
Ja: 10. Duty: 0.

- 4 blaster pistols
- 4 blaster rifles
- 4 frag grenades
- 2 thermal detonators
- 12 vials of poison

- Mas Amedda’s vibrosword
- Mas Amedda’s keycard
- Mas Amedda’s disruptor pistol

- paper scrolls from the teal cabinet
- a black robe, lined with yellow
- a Sith holocron

- Choi Moi’s disruptor pistol, out of ammunition
- an ID card for Kussar Imports warehouse
- a keycard to the FARTY BANTHA hostel
- a holograph of Tangu-Yu, a selkath rebel contact

Episode VII: session eight
Resolute, of the Face

Wrapping up their investigations of the Kussar Imports warehouse, Fero, Zamda, and Gand discovered a receptionist’s computer with little useful information and a wall safe with secret shipping manifests and a statue of a familiar bloated woman. Meanwhile, Ja interrogated Davii Wolfrum, the last surviving Defel security guard on the scene. Ja confessed his own struggles with wearing a tough guy mask at all times, but Davii waited for the other shoe to drop.

The rest of the Dealers took their speeder bikes to Nom Kussar‘s estate as Ja followed Davii back to his hovel. The Dealers negotiated their way past a Nikto doorman (with help from Gand’s Force powers) and found a quiet, early morning mansion. They were set upon by a small squad of Darktroopers, but the Dealers and their plasma grenades made relatively quick work of them.

Meanwhile, Davii continued to be convinced that Ja intended him ill. Ja was initially unwilling to the let the Defel go along his way, and was tempted to dominate the furry one’s will with his own Force powers — but ultimately agreed to part ways. As Ja left to join the Dealers, Davii nonetheless felt a kinship to the Trandoshan — both wondered if they would ever see each other again.

Crashing his speeder bike through the gate of Kussar’s estate, Ja joined the fight. MAS AMEDDA, a member of the Emperor’s own Imperial Ruling Council who had previously hunted Gand on Coachelle, emerged from the shadows and promptly cut off Sandovar’s arm. Which Brosef then, a few seconds later … reattached?

The Darktroopers were defeated, as was Mas Amedda, when Nom Kussar himself appeared. He ignited a yellow-bladed lightsaber, and after verbally sparring with Fero, attacked the Dealers. But Kussar dropped his lightsaber in the fight, which was quickly recovered by Gand.

Kussar surrendered, telling the Dealers that they had struck a blow for evil on this day…

Brosef: 15. Duty: 5
Fero: 15. Duty: 5.
Gand: 15. Duty: 0.
Ja: 15. Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 15. Duty: 0.
Zamda: 15. Duty: 0.

- shipping manifests
- small statue of the bloated woman
- Nom Kussar’s lightsaber

Episode VII: session seven
A Talz Order

After dropping off the Triple Deuce to receive some much-needed upgrades, the Dealers went shopping. Zamda turned up some info on a Crustacean Ball Stand that also sold under-the-table lightsaber crystals. Gand bought a green lightsaber crystal, and working with Sandovar, they swapped out the red crystal from Kunga Dir’s lightsaber.

The Dealers got in touch with Gorp Molo, their Rebel Alliance commanding officer. Fero asked if there were other rebel contacts on Ord Mantell, but Gorp wasn’t sure who they could trust. He told them about CHOI MOI, a talz working for the rebels on a secret mission who had disappeared recently. He also told them he was happy to pay the speeder rental bills that had been rolling in.

Zamda searched for records of a talz coming on or off Ord Mantell, and he found that Choi Moi had been looking for work at different warehouses and loading docks. She took a job with Kussar Imports, but disappeared shortly thereafter.

Before heading to the warehouse to investigate firsthand, the Dealers all bought motorbikes speederbikes. They promptly crashed two of them, with Sandovar again making quick repairs.

Arriving at the Kussar Imports warehouse, they were hampered in their efforts to sneak into the warehouse by a particularly astute protocol droid named R9-407. Though Sandovar affixed a restraining bolt to R9, they had already aroused the suspicions of the warehouse’s defel security detail. R9’s restraining bolt kept the droid from turning the warehouse’s load-lifters against the Dealers, and the Dealers killed two of the three guards. The third guard, after squaring off with Ja, surrendered to the trandoshan and promised to tell the Dealers everything he knew…

Ja: 10. Duty: 0.
Zamda: 10. Duty: 5.
Fero: 10. Duty: 0.
Gand: 10. Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 10. Duty: -

- green lightsaber crystal
- 2 blaster pistols
- 2 Kussar Imports keycards

Episode VII: session six
"That's Not Inaccurate"

The Dealers took the armed freighter from the swampy estate and went to see SHIPS N’ GUTS, a sketchy chop shop in Coronet City. The owner of the ship gave them 90,000 credits for the ship, no questions asked.

Ja’s trouble tracking down the hidden landspeeder gives the Dealers the chance to hear the latest news around Coronet City — mainly that a group of unidentified Rebels committed a terrorist attack on an estate outside of the city.

Back at the Triple Deuce, the Dealers found another new friend waiting for them — Sandovar, a twi’lek mechanic sent by J.S. Galactic to join them. He came with a recorded message of introduction from J.S., but no one wanted to hear it.

Before leaving the planet, the Dealers investigated the Penhew Foundation’s headquarters. Newly guarded by Imperial Stormtroopers, Fero, Brosef, and Gand put on stormtrooper uniforms and talked their way past Trooper 64715 with promises of understand, camaraderie, and a drink after work. 64715 warned them not to try talking to the dark-armored troopers on patrol inside — “they’re not very conversational.”

Inside the Penhew Foundation, the Dealers saw a large memorial painting of Aubrey Penhew. Brosef and Gand hacked the lobby’s computer and discovered the Prin Expedition had gone to Krayiss II in search of the tomb of King Adas, a warrior-king of the sith species who lived nearly 30,000 years ago. He united and ruled the Sith worlds for 300 years, before dying defending the systems from the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

Adas was called sith’ari by his people, the first of many foretold “overlords” of the sith. The prophecy of the sith’ari was that…

The Sith’ari will be free of limits.
The Sith’ari will lead the Sith and destroy them.
The Sith’ari will raise the Sith from death and make them stronger than before.

They also discovered that the Foundation is currently run by Edward Gavigan, an officer who served the Republic in the Clone Wars, and the owner of the estate they destroyed the night before.

Fero encountered two patrolling darktroopers in the building, but convinced them that he was Trooper 64715. They returned upstairs. Fero, Brosef, and Gand discovered a hidden room via set of stairs built into a sarcophagus, and inside the room they found more Sith artifacts, including two Sith holocrons. One was the very same holocron they found in the tomb of Marka Ragnos, and subsequently turned over to Nom Kussar. There were also two crates in the room, one addressed to “Kussar Imporrs” on Ord Mantell, and the other to “Randolph Outpost” on Lehon — the planet also known as Rakata Prime, birthplace of the Infinite Empire.

Leaving the Foundation with these items, the Dealers flew to Ord Mantell to search for Styvv the Wookiee. They met FERGUS CHUM, the sulustan owner of the Stumbling Tiger cantina. Chum told them Styvv had saved his life in that very cantina weeks before, but that Styvv had left Ord Mantell and gone to Coachelle to join the fight against the Empire there. Chum told them to talk to an Ithorian named Oonce.

The Dealers dropped the Triple Deuce off at a shop to receive some upgrades, grounding them on Ord Mantell for several days…

Ja: 15 xp, 0 duty.
Sandovar: 15 xp, 0 duty.
Brosef: 15 xp, 0 duty.
Gand: 15 xp, 5 duty.
Fero: 15 xp, 0 duty.

- 90,000 credits

- 1 crate, stamped “Kussar Imports, Ord Mantell” — contains a corroded brass statue of a horribly deformed, tusk-mouthed bloated woman.

- 1 crate, stamped “Randolph Outpost, Lehon” — contains a 16" high blue-tinged statue of a fat, squid-faced humanoid — somewhat resembling a Quarren.

- Two Sith holocrons

- A small ornate chest containing two gleaming silver daggers and a cracked red crystal.

- Small stone jar containing ground bone.

Episode VII: session five

Events take a bad turn as the Dealers attempt to escape from the mysterious estate outside of Coronet City. Fero and Zamda board one of the armed freighters as Ja, Gand, and Brosef head down the hill intending to free as many prisoners as they can before the cultists can complete their horrible rite. Fero tossed a thermal detonator into a vent of the other freighter, preventing its use.

But both groups soon encounter 2 deadly Darktroopers — advanced battle droids in service to the Empire. The darktroopers were equipped with missile tubes and plasma assault canons, and they seemingly outmatched the Dealers in terms of brawn, ammunition and marksmanship. Their concussive assault cannons knocked Fero and Zamda back off of the ship, and despite Ja’s subterfuge and attempts to arm the prisoners, the Darktroopers on the hill nearly got the better of that group of Dealers as well.

The Dealers managed to seal one of the Darktroopers inside the ship, buying them all some time. Brosef stabilized an injured Zamda, Gand used the Force to manipulate the ship’s landing ramp and slammed two Darktroopers together, Fero tossed a thermal detonator into the crowd of cultists, and Ja beat a Darktrooper into scrap.

But none of this was enough to save the prisoners. As the last prisoner was killed by the cultists, there was a horrible flash of crimson light in the sky. For a moment the only thing visible was the image of a giant and horrible mynock.


Normally considered parasitical pests that leech power from starships, the beast seen in the sky over the cultists was unusually large and terrible. The very sight of it caused Zamda and Gand to question their places in an incomprehensibly large Galaxy. But after a moment, the vision faded.

With the Darktroopers defeated and the cultists turning on the Dealers, the group boarded the freighter. They fired on the cultists, scattering them, and took another pass to fire on the mansion of the estate. The mansion’s walls crumbled as the Dealers fled in the freighter, their destination unknown…

Zamda: 10 XP, 0 Duty.
Brosef: 10 XP, 5 Duty.
Gand: 10 XP, 0 Duty.
Ja: 10 XP, 5 Duty.
Fero: 10 XP, 5 Duty.

1 YV-929 Armed Freighter
2 Darktrooper corpses

Episode VII: session four

As Ja and Zamda return to the Triple Deuce from Tewfik Sayd’s shop, they find a scraggly war veteran lurking outside of their ship. He introduces himself as Brosef Dondar, an agent with the Rebel Alliance who was sent to them by Inspector James Barro. Brosef’s unit had also been investigating the Alien Murders, and he had been captured and taken to an isolated estate outside of the city. He offered to lead the Dealers there if they would help him free his friends. Fero tested Brosef with a Rebel handshake — Brosef offered an older handshake, but it checked out.

Brosef and his friends were kept in a cell in the basement of the estate, and Brosef remembered an older human being in charge. Most of the others keeping them were aliens themselves, but Imperial Stormtroopers guarded the gate and patrolled the grounds.

The group waited out the day, preferring to go to the estate at night. They took a rented landspeeder out of the city and Brosef stashed the speeder in the swamp. They approached the walled estate on foot, and Ja climbed a tree for a better look and saw a landing pad inside the wall. A YV-929 Armed Transport (AoR p.184) landed and several robed individuals disembarked. They also saw two black-armored stormtroopers exit the ship, but then lost track of them.

Ja unsuccessfully searched for a way under the wall. Zamda hopped onto the wall and helped the others scale the wall while avoiding the Stormtrooper patrols inside the estate. Circling wide around the landing pad, the group could see down a steep hill behind the mansion itself where a group of 2-dozen robed figures congregated around a black stone altar.

A stormtrooper guarded the Transport, but Ja promptly crushed his skull. The group investigated the Transport and Zamda discovered that the Transport made monthly trips between Corellia and Coruscant.

Entering the mansion’s front door, they found it mostly deserted. Zamda was seen attempting to spy on a group of robed aliens in the next room, but the Dealers made quick work of them. Brosef led them down a secret passage into a now-empty row of cells — Brosef’s friends had disappeared.

At the end of the hall, the Dealers discovered a room full of jewelry, inverted ankhs, discarded black robes, and scepters, all adorned with [[Symbols & Etchings | various symbols and etchings]]. Piled into one corner of the room were unused torture devices, and in the other — a desk and a table containing a ledger and a personal holographic projector. The projector held an unfinished message recorded by the human Brosef recognized as the leader of the group at the estate…

My dear Aubrey.

The sic-six has been dealt with on Hosk Station. You must stop the Wookiee. It is stupefying that he has evaded us for so long. This … thing may become an obstacle to our Great Lord. If you wish, I will — eh?

The ledger was a physical book, not a datapad, and a quick glance indicated it contained shipping records. It would take time to learn more from the book, so the Dealers took it with them.

Going back upstairs, the Dealers looked out the window at the gathering outside. Brosef saw naked aliens who were most likely his friends being beaten by the robed figures — one was stabbed through the heart with a knife as the robed figures moved on to beating another. A squad of Stormtroopers looked on at the terrible display, but the Dealers could not see the two black-armored stormtroopers they’d seen arrive on the Transport. On the landing pad, however, a second Armed Transport had landed while they were in the basement.

The Dealers intended to split up — Ja (and Brosef?) would go down into the gathering to save who they could, while Fero and Zamda attempted to sabotage one Transport and commandeer the other….


Zamda: 10 xp, 5 duty
Brosef: 10 xp, 5 duty
Ja: 10 xp, 5 duty
Fero: 10 xp, 5 duty

- bent-up Stormtrooper armor (Ja)
- 1 black robe (Fero)
- 2 vibroknives (Brosef)
- 2 blaster pistols (Brosef)
- holographic message
- ledger

Episode VII: session three
Nobody Likes A Snitch

The Dealers took their shuttle to the Prin Estate on Kalarba to meet with Erica Prin, the sister of their former comrade Kieran.

The Prin Estate was preparing for a party the next night, and Erica had little time to meet with them. She granted an audience on hearing the name of Captain Rand McNally. She had no artifacts or notes of Kieran’s to share, but told the Dealers of the great influence Dr. Vale Doodo held over Kieran before the expedition left, and that a mysterious Dathomiri servant also had Kieran’s ear.

Fero left a particular impression on Erica as the Dealers left, though she naturally assumed him to be swarthy Captain McNally. The Triple Deuce left the Prin Estate, spewing the feces of several species on the landing pad as it flew away.

The Dealers visited Dr. Doodo’s office, clearly abandoned for some time. The Dealers turned up Doodo’s Notes on Kieran Prin, which indicated that Kieran had been dreaming of an asymmetric pyramid, and a mysterious figure who beckoned him to "become with me Sith’ari.” Doodo joined the Prin Expedition, though not before worrying over another who held sway over Kieran: “He calls her Meru, Anastasia, and My Priestess. He is obsessive about her, as well he might be — exterior devotion is certainly one way to ease the tensions of megalomaniacal contradictions. She is certainly a rival to my authority.” Perhaps this was the same Dathomiri woman mentioned by Erica.

Before leaving Kalarba, the Dealers stopped at an art museum and asked a Sulustan art expert to look at the artifacts they’d taken from the Ju-Ju House. They were revealed to be Sith artifacts. The bowl and headband were thousands of years old and came from the Stygian Caldera. The mask in particular was of interest to the art dealer, who said it was worth 5,000 credits or more.

On to Corellia, the Expedition’s first stop, where the Dealers checked the news reports and learned of a series of “Alien Murders” that had increased shortly after the departure of the Prin Expedition. They interviewed Inspector James Barro, a scrappy, scoundrel-type, who recognized Gand — at first thinking he was a different Gand than Gand, but finally affirming that he’d heard of this particular private eye before, and was impressed.

Barro told the Dealers about the “Alien Murders” that had occurred over a number of years. There was a spike of them in the weeks after the Prin Expedition left Corellia. He had some leads that they were related to the Blue Pyramid Club, but when he questioned the Club’s owner, the trail went cold.

Barro had also met with Woorbly a few weeks ago, who was asking similar questions.

He told the Dealers that he sympathized with the alien community on Corellia, but that ultimately the Empire was the law — and that they shouldn’t cross the law.

The Dealers headed to the Blue Pyramid Club. Fero ordered a number of drinks, finally finding one that did a number on him, yet did not kill him outright. Zamda was entertained by a twi’lek dancer with suckers on her tendrils that turned out to be blisters.

Gand was approached by a dancer named Yalesha. She gave him a dance, then said to meet her in the alley after the club closed.

She said Gand stood out to her. She knew why Gand had come. Her boyfriend — Dorpoor, a Gran — had been killed a few weeks ago. A lot of aliens had been killed lately. She knew why, but had been too afraid to talk about it to the spidery guy who had come asking about it before.

She said that once a month or so, a rusty old speeder pulled up to the Club and took a bunch of patrons away, out of the city. They were never seen again. But sometimes their bodies turned up.

She said the next occurance was due in another night or two.

Outside the club, Ja again roughed up a local. The local had also seen a rusty old speeder outside of the Blue Pyramid Club. He also gave up the name of Tewfik Sayd, a Critokian spice dealer and supposed patron of the Blue Pyramid Club — especially on nights when other patrons disappeared.

The Dealers called on Tewfik’s shop, which was already closed for the night. Gand promptly jimmied open the door, Zamda liberated 100 credits from the register, and Ja fumbled on the lightswitch leading upstairs to Tewfik’s private apartment. Tewfik audibly called Security Forces, and the Dealers fled the premises….

Ja: 10
Zamda: 10
Gand: 10
Fero: 10

Ja: 5
Zamda: 5
Gand: 0
Fero: 0

- 100 credits

Episode VII: session two
"Let's Not Commit Any Crimes"

An automatic transmission from Woorbly, set to deliver upon his premature death, reaches the Triple Deuce, offering the Dealers a collection of Woorbly’s notes on the missing Prin Expedition.

Before following up on Woorbly’s notes, Zamda, Fero & Ja decide to investigate Silas Nkwane, the name attached to the getaway vehicle that sped away from the site of Woorbly’s assassination. Looking him up in a Rebel Alliance database, they find Silas is the owner of the Ju-Ju House, an antiques/tea shop in a seedy quarter of Hosk Station.

The Ju-Ju House was located in an isolated courtyard, populated only by a few winos. Fero bribed one of the winos, but got no information about Dathomiri or robed figures. Fero talked to Silas in the shop, but Silas believed he was an Imperial officer. Fero told Silas he was “Rand McNally,” and asked about Kieran and Rakatan, but Silas gave no information.

Meanwhile, Ja and Zamda explored the abandoned pawn shop across the courtyard. They discovered an empty, isolated cargo container, now used as a bathroom for transients. When Fero came up empty, Ja interrogated one of the winos — promising credits under threat of violence — and the wino told him that a Dathomiri lived under Silas’s shop. Ja walked away without paying the wino. Fero found himself trapped in the abandoned storage unit, but ultimately freed himself as Ja and Zamda bullied Silas into showing them the Ju-Ju House’s basement.

Silas led the trio to a room lined with drums. In the middle of the room was a circular stone slab, over which hung a rope & pulley. Across the room was a curtain, hiding an alcove and four undead zombies, similar to those the Dealers encountered in the tomb of Marka Ragnos on Korriban. The zombies attacked the Dealers, and Ja attacked Silas.

As Fero & Zamda dispatched the zombies with headshots, and Ja knocked Silas around the room with the rope and pulley, the Dathomiri tenant of the basement came upon the Dealers. KUNGA DIR stepped into the room and immediately attacked with a red-bladed lightsaber. During the battle, Silas picked up Silas and threw him at the new combatant — who promptly cleaved Silas in two with his lightsaber. Fero noticed that his lightsaber technique was particularly undistinguished and unfocused when compared with (the original) Typhh Rx’lbg, and though Kunga was adept with the lightsaber’s natural defensive capabilities, he ultimately fell to the barrage of the three Dealers.

With their foes dead, the Dealers explored the alcove behind the curtain and found a black robe that was cool to the touch; a pair of rancor-claw gloves; and a leather-bound bundle that contained a datapad (containing a text called DATHOMIR’S DARK SECTS), a tarnished copper bowl etched with unrecognizable symbols and runes, a wooden scepter with scratched-out runes, a gray metal headband with more strange symbols, and a white mask marked with a metal band and red lined patterns.

Fero strained himself pushing the stone circle aside, revealing a dank and wet pit. They dropped Kunga Dir’s body into the pit, and it was pulled under the murky water by a briefly-glimpsed tentacle. They disposed of the rest of the bodies, replaced the stone cover, and left the basement with the lightsaber and the items from the alcove.

The Dealers left the Ju-Ju House, finding the courtyard now empty. They left the area through the back of the abandoned shop across the court, intending to first interview Erica Prin, Kieran’s sister, before following the footsteps of the Prin Expedition…

Zamda: 10 xp, 0 duty
Fero: 10 xp, 0 duty
Ja: 10 xp, 0 duty

(duty will start to tick upward soon, I promise.)

- red-bladed lightsaber
- 600 credits
- black cloth robe, cool to the touch
- rancor claw gloves (+2 melee, 3 critical)
- a tarnished copper bowl marked with strange symbols
- headband of gray metal marked with strange symbols
- carved wooden scepter, with something once carved into the side now scratched out
- this exact white mask

Episode VII: session one
Duties & Deuces

For months, the Dealers have been working for the Rebel Alliance out of Hosk Station, an artificial moon in orbit around the peaceful planet Kalarba. Running shipments (and people) past Imperial lines on behalf of the rebels, the Dealers’ new ship — the Lambda-class shuttle called The Deuce — has proven invaluable to the cause.

But now, the rebels are planning to move yet again to another new base — this time to a secret base on a frozen world called Hoth. With the Deuce one of the last ships to leave, the Dealers’ commanding officer (Captain Gorp Molo) delivers a message from Woorbly, the sic-six infochant who helped them in their search for Typhh Rx’lbg.

The holographic message said, “Have information concerning your old friend Kieran Prin and an expedition to recover lost Rakatan technology. Need reliable investigative team. Will meet you at Hosk Station — Iego no longer secure. Room 410 at the Barking Spider Inn.”

Fero, (the now Typhh-less) Gand, and the returned Ja head to the Barking Spider to meet with Woorbly. They rented the room next door and tried to get Woorbly’s attention — first through the wall, then at the door to his room, but there was no answer. Ja promptly kicked the door down, revealing Woorbly had been killed and disemboweled — and this symbol had been carved into his head:


The apparent killers were still present — three cloaked figures, two Dathomir and one Human, one of whom was escaping out the window. Gand reached out to the Force to try to halt their escape, but found only the Dark Side. Gand resisted the temptation to outright murder the escaping figure, and the Dealers focused on the two still in the room. The two Dathomir were killed, while the human escaped on a waiting airspeeder. Fero looked out the window to capture the speeder’s identifying license number — HSS7 — allowing the the escaping figure to clearly see him as well.

Checking the bodies, the Dealers found blaster carbines and curved knives, as well as two clues: One, a hardcopy photograph of a corvette cruiser docked in an unknown spaceport, with the first three letters of its name visible: DAR. The ship and the spaceport were unknown to them. And two, a holographic message intended for Kieran Prin, delivered by a red-skinned alien:


“Mr. Prin. I am informed you seek certain knowledge of our land and perhaps aid you in this. In my possession are singular curios which I most happily believe of interest. These I willingly send for your consideration, if a price can be agreed upon. Naturally they are ancient and must command a goodly sum. I will arrange matters to your satisfaction when your agent contacts my shop, on the First Moon of Krayiss. Until then I remain your humble servant, Faraz Najir.”

A quick search on the airspeeder’s license plate revealed it was recently rented to Silas Nkwane, owner of a shop called the Ju-Ju House, located on Hosk Station.

The Dealers returned to the room adjacent to the murder scene to plot their next move…

– 1 photograph of a corvette in an unknown spaceport, with the visible markings “DAR
- 1 holomessag projector, addressed to Kieran Prin from Faraz Najir

Fero: 5 xp, 0 duty
Gand: 5 xp, 0 duty
Ja: 5 xp, 0 duty

Episode VI, session four
"My glands excrete, too"

The Dealers head back to the turbo lift, droid-head in their possession. Everyone stealthily creeps through the jungle, except for Zamda. They witness Zamda’s Uncle Trida Trist shoot one of his own men in the back, amidst what appears to be a battle with Imperial scout troopers.

Zamda & Orion tend to Felini, who has been shot. Orion stabilizes him, though Felini falls unconscious. They ascend in the elevator cautiously. Typhh reads Trida’s mind — he’s on edge, and has made a list that goes Felini, Fero, Orion, Typhh, Zamda — which Typhh assumes to be a murder-list.

After following Trida past some stromtrooper patrols in the tunnels built around the Kashyyyk trees, they arrive at a landing pad with a Lambda-class shuttle. Zamda opens the shuttle doors to reveal stormtroopers inside! An entire squadron appears in the hallway behind, led by Moff Pars Ossnan. Ossnan congratulate Trida on his work, and says he looks forward to seeing what his nephew can do in service to the Empire.

Ossnan wants to place Zamda as an undercover agent within the Rebel Alliance. He’s willing to let Zamda keep his crew — and even have his old ship back — if they’re willing to execute Felini. Fero tries to talk him down, but Ossnan doesn’t budge. He also doesn’t seem to recognize Fero as the last remaining Greet.

As the conversation continues, Orion levels his blaster rifle on Felini — still unconscious — and shoots the Duros in the head, killing him.

Fero springs into action, worming his way through the stormtroopers on the shuttle. Before they can react, Fero is in the pilot’s seat.

The others follow — JS and Typhh rushing past the troopers, with Zamda flung inside as Fero spun the shuttle around. Orion jumped to the shuttle at the last moment, grabbing hold of the shuttle’s ramp and rolling inside as Fero turned the blasters onto the stormtroopers at the landing pad.

Moff Ossnan slips away into the tunnels affixed to the great trees as the shuttle’s blasters destroy the riggings holding up the landing pad. The pad collapses, surely killing Zamda’s uncle Trida — but the final fate of Moff Ossnan is unknown.

The former crew of the Double Dealer blasts off from Kashyyyk and jumps into hyperspace, even as the surprised Imperials attempt pursuit. Zamda disables the craft’s positioning system, and J.S. disables the head of the RA-7 Imperial protocol droid they’ve recovered from the depths of Kashyyyk.

The Dealers return to Nar Shaddaa. Typhh meet with Mulva, his lost love, and in exchange for a poem…

“Gammoreans are green
Gands are green too
When I look at your salivating snout
My glands excrete too.”

… Mulva tellsthem where they can meet a representative of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Orion slips off into the sea of refugees flooding Nar Shaddaa, distancing himself from these ruffians who havenearly gotten him killed yet again. For the rest of the crew — Fero, Zamda, J.S. Galactic, and Typhh — the galaxy is wide open and the stars are their destination…

Zamda: We were so close to infiltrating the empire… but now we’ve picked a side.

Fero: We have to meet up with the rebels, to make this mean something.

J.S. Galactic: We should meet up with the rebels to put Cratala’s research to good use…

Typhh: Still getting over giving up the scepter … Ambition is replaced with a new anger towards the Empire.

Orion: I’ve been nearly killed by these Dealers again, and I’m lucky to be alive … I’ll try to fall in with some refugees on this planet.

Zamda: 15
Orion: 10
Typhh: 10
Fero: 15
J.S.: 10

10 frag grenades
2 thermal detonators
6 sets of stormtrooper laminate armor
6 light repeating blasters
1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle


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