A sic-six infochant


Based out of a seemingly decrepit ship in orbit around Iego, Woorbly is a sic-six infochant who traded the location of Korriban to both Typhh Rx’lbg and the crew of the Double Dealer.

He revealed three things to the Dealers: That Typhh had gone to Korriban, that he had stolen Nom Kussar‘s lightsaber, and that the Dealers were on an unflattering list of mercenaries suitable only for suicide missions. The Dealer’s left his ship, the Web, with information … and owing Woorbly a favor, to be called in at a later time.

After the Dealers joined the Rebel Alliance, they were contacted by Woorbly while on Hosk Station:

“Have information concerning your old friend Kieran Prin and an expedition to recover lost Rakatan technology. Need reliable investigative team. Will meet you at Hosk Station — Iego no longer secure. Room 410 at the Barking Spider Inn.”

The Dealers went to room 410 to meet with Woorbly, but found the sic-six dead and disemboweled. This symbol was carved into his forehead:


The Dealers, in turn, killed two of Woorbly’s killers. The third escaped.


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