xNom Kussar

Shady, scruffy and rude


A shady, scruffy human who claims to know the location of Gorp. He also knows that Gand has made a habit of impersonating Typhh Rx’lbg. Nom will trade Gorp’s location — and agree not to reveal Gand’s secret — if the crew of the Double Dealer track down some lost items for him.

He hasn’t revealed the items themselves, but he believes the real Typhh is the one who has taken them.

Nom frequents the Headache Bar on Nar Shaddaa.

Nom Kussar met the Dealers again on Ord Mantell. Nom was running KUSSAR IMPORTS, a warehouse connected to a number of dark side cults the Dealers had encountered around the Galaxy. In their search for Styvv the Wookiee, the Dealers had tracked Choi Moi, a missing rebel agent, to Kussar’s estate. The Dealers defeated Kussar in combat and Kussar had surrendered to them, but after discovering Choi Moi’s grisly remains hidden in a secret room on the estate, Fero Greet killed Kussar with a blaster shot to the head.

The precise relationship between Kussar and the dark side cults, and why he had captured and killed Choi Moi, remain unknown. Kussar’s yellow-bladed lightsaber, once stolen by Typhh Rx’lbg, is now in Gand’s possession.

xNom Kussar

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