Nails Nelson

Bounty Hunter interviewed by Woorbly


Human Bounty Hunter interviewed by xWoorbly on Dathomir while investigating the Prin Massacre…

Met “Nails Nelson” at a cantina. Bounty hunter. Fed him credits to get his story. He’s worked with the Empire and with the Rebels — he’s wanted by both for double-crossing both — he claims he’s seen Styvv, the Wookiee who joined the Prin Expedition, months after the supposed massacre. Saw him on Ord Mantell, going through the junkyards there. Said the Wookiee was friendly, or as friendly as Wookiees get, but guarded and tense. Nelson didn’t press him. Don’t know that I blame him.

But if Styvv is alive, are the others? What does Styvv know?

…Nelson claims to have seen and spoken to Styffulnac on Ord Mantell several months after the Prin Expedition was supposedly massacred on Dathomir.

Nails Nelson

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