Mrs Squeegee

A lonely middle-aged Gran stuck on Cholganna for 20 years


Originally part of the Sa Nalaor’s crew as a medic, Mrs. Squeegee has contributed to life at the Retreat as a gatherer of herbs and a tender to the wounded.

Her husband died in the crash 20 years ago, and she has often gone missing for days at a time, only after her return revealing that she was “following Mr. Squeegee’s tracks through the jungle.”

When the crew of the Double Dealer arrived at the Retreat, she took an immediate interest in Ja Kitran. His physique and demeanor was unlike her former husband’s, who by all accounts was a calm, quiet pilot, but she still found herself drawn to the brash Trandoshan. After being spurned by Ja, she took solace in the company of the Trandoshan bodyguards of Clan Yiyar.

Mrs. Squeegee was left behind when the Double Dealer fled Cholganna after their run-in with the patrol craft DEEP DARK.

Mrs Squeegee

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