Krrsk Kitran

Ja's brother; a trandoshan who struggles with his feelings.


The eldest hatchling of Kosk, his earliest memory is watching his younger sibling Ja Kitran devour their two fellow siblings. Krrsk realized the only way to stay alive in the Kitran family was to be willing to fight dirty. When the infant Ja turned his hungry attentions toward Krrsk, Krrsk fought back with equal ferocity. The Kitran brothers fought to a standstill as their mother looked on with pride.

It was a pattern that continued through adolescence. Ja was always the headstrong one, resentful of their mother’s many suitors, willing to charge into a fight even when it wasn’t his, or to pick one if no one was fighting. Krrsk learned to benefit by standing back and watching his brother make a mess. Krrsk would whisper into his brother’s earholes, enraging Ja beyond rational thought, then wager food (or credits) against his brother in the ensuing tumult. As Ja grew stronger, Krrsk even took to arming Ja’s potential rivals, though he would feel pangs of guilt for days afterward.

This changed as they neared adulthood. Ja had taken to stalking and murdering their mother’s former lovers, dragging them from their beds and killing them without a word as to why. Krrsk felt a stirring he’d never before known: he was worried for his younger brother. This wasn’t a streetfight in the backalleys of Hsskhor. This was a personal vendetta that could get Ja killed. Krrsk tried talking to his younger brother, dancing around the subject, but Ja merely became angry. “Don’t you remember the shame?” Ja demanded. “Don’t you want to restore our family’s honor?”

Krrsk did not remember the shame — what their mother did was her business alone — and he cared nothing for family honor. He realized he would have to teach Ja a lesson the only way his younger brother would understand: through swift and undeniable violence.

Krrsk began to stalk Ja, and through him, Ja’s quarries. Before Ja could reach the last trandoshan on his list, Krrsk tried to tip him off. Their mother’s former lover would not listen, remembering Krrsk as a silent, squealing whelp with no honor. But the ruffian’s son was willing to listen, and Krrsk told the boy of Ja’s weakness: his blinding rage. While Ja fought the boy’s father, the boy would be able to sneak up behind Ja and attack. Krrsk made the boy promise not to kill his brother. When the boy asked why, Krrsk lied: “Because I want my brother’s blood for myself.”

The fight went as Krrsk expected — Ja was taken unawares and knocked unconscious by the young trandoshan — but the aftermath did not. Krrsk had naively imagined a grateful and humbled Ja, finally willing to submit to his brother’s influence. He imagined the famous Kitran Brothers leaving Dosha to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting galaxy, amassing fame and wealth, free from the shadow of their mother and their family’s supposed honor. Caring nothing for heritage, history, or the janannath, Krrsk hoped he and his brother would team up, become rich and powerful, and finally duel each other to the death as very old, and bored, trandoshan mercenaries.

Instead, Ja was enraged. He demanded to know why Krrsk had betrayed him. Krrsk, embarrassed and feeling an unexpected remorse, lied once again. He wanted Ja to feel the same shame that he himself felt, and he knew how to cut his brother the deepest.

“Before you go around town trying to settle old debts, brother, perhaps you should have tied up a few loose ends?" Krrsk said. "I let Grobb and his little twerp know you were coming, and what’s more, I bartered for your life, which you now owe, to me! All it cost us is Mother’s ancestral jagganath blade. I hope you are happy with yourself. Consider our score reset to zero.”

Krrsk left his brother behind, got quite drunk, and took the first freighter off of Dosha. He wound up nearby in the employ of Zorka Security, a Black Sun front company on Coachelle. But Ja was never far from his thoughts, and before long his brother reappeared, demanding a chance to even the score. Ja and Krrsk fought, once again to a standstill, and Ja demanded to be released from the lifedebt he owed his brother. Krrsk, never a fast-on-his-feet thinker, acquiesced. He told Ja that their family’s jagannath blade was still in their mother’s possession, and that Ja would have to confront her if he wanted to restore his standing in her eyes. As for Krrsk, he still cared nothing for trandoshan (or family) honor.

After Ja and his new companions left Coachelle, Krrsk again felt the old familiar shame of failure. He slipped off into the night, again taking the first freighter off world. He was certain he would see his brother again. But next time, he wouldn’t be searching for understanding. Next time he would teach his brother the only kind of lesson he understood: one of pain and violence.

Krrsk has been hired by Dongo Calrissian as an enforcer of the Empire’s will. Krrsk is secretly ashamed to be working against the rights of non-human species, but he buries that shame by doing what he does best: acts of violence. He captains the JAGGED FANG, formerly the Double Dealer itself, on bombing runs against suspected Rebel targets on Coachelle.

After briefly falling in the with Cult of the Sand Mynock on Rakata Prime, Krrsk was redeemed by his brother Ja. Ja gave Krrsk the Triple Deuce and told his brother to go start a new life somewhere.

Krrsk Kitran

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