Kosk Kitran

Mother of Ja and Krrsk


Now the matriarch of the Kitran family, Kosk was once the runt of her own litter. The 13th child of Blrrk and Dorrg Kitran, Kosk was destined for an unremarkable life of servitude and pain at the hands of her older siblings, but while still a hatchling she began a shadow war against her brothers and sisters. Mysterious accidents befell Cllkk, Torn, and Qybaa. Porrka went shopping for a new vibroknife and never returned. Gakk and Dun were tricked into dueling one another with poisoned blades. Skorb walked blindly into an alley filled with vengeful wookiees. Rumfk, Little Gakk, and Saasky took a joyride in an airspeeder with faulty brake sensors. Lesska’s throat was cut in her sleep. Nikkro was stabbed in the belly at a family dinner, when Kosk finally revealed herself as the grim reaper stalking all of the Kitran children.

Kosk entertained only the meanest, vilest, cruelest of suitors to ensure that her own hatchlings would be strong and honorable additions to the Kitran family line. She was delighted when, of her own four hatchlings, the youngest immediately killed and consumed two of his older siblings. Ja Kitran continued to please Kosk as he hunted down and killed her former lovers, though Kosk never let on that this was all part of her plan to groom Ja for bloodthirsty power.

Kosk’s eldest son, Krrsk Kitran, proved to be a disappointment. Though he survived Ja’s attempt on his life in the nest, Krrsk grew up more interested in secrets and shadows and the murder of his rivals. But Kosk was surprised and pleased when Krrsk orchestrated Ja’s shameful defeat at the hands of one of her former lover’s children. Ja and Krrsk both fled Dosha in the aftermath, unaware that their mother was watching and waiting to see which Kitran brother would prove themselves worthy of the Kitran family blade … and a legacy of familial bloodshed.

Kosk Kitran

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