King Adas

Long-dead Sith'ari


Adas was king of Korriban and the Sith in a reign that lasted nearly three hundred years. He was large for his species, his skin was unusually charcoal-colored, and he was raised as a chosen being from his youth. Encasing himself in ebon armor, he wielded a massive battle-ax, and became a master of Sith magic. Circa 28,000 BBY, Adas united the disparate nations of Korriban in a series of bloody conflicts, eventually solidifying himself as the sole leader of his people.

The Sith hailed Adas as the Sith’ari, or “Overlord.” The commonly held belief was that he was invincible, and that his reign would be eternal. Circa 27,700 BBY, Rakata from the Infinite Empire arrived on Korriban, and taught Adas how to harness the technology of holocrons. Adas created one of these devices, but soon realized that the new arrivals were attempting to conquer Korriban. He took his battle-ax to the aliens, and with his people at his side, drove them off. In doing so, he lost his life.

The Prin Expedition went to Krayiss II to seek Adas’s long-lost tomb.

King Adas

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