Jomo Datho

Mysterious Dathomiri Woorbly met while investigating the Prin Massacre


Dathomiri referred to in Woorbly’s notes…

Met with Dathomiri calling himself “Jomo Datho.” Claims Prin Massacre performed by “The Cult of the Bloody Tongue.” He says they are based in the nearby mountains and they are led by a high priestess (Nightsisters connection?). Local Dathomiri tribes seem to hate and fear the Bloody Tongue. That’s saying a lot, considering the long history of the Dark Side on this world. But they don’t seem to be local to Dathomir itself.

The Dealers encountered Jomo on Dathomir as well, and he put them in touch with a strange old alien named OLD BURUNDI. Jomo wished them well in their battle against the Dark Side.

Jomo Datho

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