James Barro

Inspector with Coronet City Security Forces


A scrappy, scoundrel-type, Barro is an inspector with Coronet City Security on Corellia.

He recognized Gand — at first thinking he was a different Gand than Gand, but finally affirming that he’d heard of this particular private eye before, and was impressed.

Barro told the Dealers about a number of “Alien Murders” that have occurred over a number of years. There was a spike of them in the weeks after the Prin Expedition left Corellia. He had some leads that they were related to the Blue Pyramid Club, but when he questioned the Club’s owner, the trail went cold.

Barro met with Woorbly a few weeks ago, who was asking similar questions.

He told the Dealers that he sympathized with the alien community on Corellia, but that ultimately the Empire was the law — and that they shouldn’t cross the law.

James Barro

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