Gand Private Eye, formerly known as Typhh Rx'lbg, formerly known as Gand, formerly known as Honz Glur'boid


Career: Smuggler
Specialization Trees: Thief, Scout, Force-Sensitive Exile
Soak: 4
Defense: Ranged: 1
Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 13
Available XP: 5

Force Rating: 2

Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 3
Presence: 1

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Astrogation Int 0
Athletics Br X 1
Charm Pr 0
Coerce Will 0
Computers Int X 1
Cool Pr 0
Coordination Ag X 0
Deception Cun X 3
Discipline Will 1
Leadership Pr 0
Mechanics Int 0
Medicine Int X 0
Negotiation Int 0
Perception Cun X 3
Pilot – Planet Ag X 0
Pilot – Space Ag X 1
Resilience Br 0
Skulduggery Cun X 1
Stealth Ag X 2
Streetwise Cun X 1
Survival Cun X 2
Vigilance Will X 1
Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Brawl Br 0
Gunnery Ag 1
Melee Br 0
Ranged – Light Ag 2
Ranged – Heavy Ag 0
Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Core Worlds Int 0
Education Int 0
Lore Int 0
Outer Rim Int 0
Underworld Int X 0
Xenology Int 0
Other Int 0
Name Rank Function Page
Bypass Security 1 Remove Setback from bypassing security Data
Sense – Basic Power 1 Data Data
Sense – Control Upgrade 1 1 Data Data
Sense – Control Upgrade 2 1 Data Data
Sense – Duration 1 Data Data
Stalker 1 Add Boost to Stealth and Coordination Data
Quick Strike 1 Add Boost to attacks against enemies that haven’t acted Data
Uncanny Senses 1 Add Boost to Perception Data
Sense – Range 2 Sense things at Long Range Data
Convincing Demeanor 1 Remove Setback from Deception and Skullduggery Checks Data
Sense Danger 1 Remove 2 Setback Dice from any Check Data
Street Smarts 1 Remove 1 Setback from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) Data
Sixth Sense 1 Gain +1 ranged defense Data
Force Rating 1 Gain +1 Force Rating Data
Move Power 1 Move things with the Force Data
Move – Strength Upgrade 2 Move Silhouette 2 Data
Move – Range Upgrade 2 Move at Long range Data
Move – Control Upgrade 2 Attack with objects; move secure objects Data

Credits: 1650
Max Encumbrance:12
Total Encumbrance: 9

Weapon Damage Crit Range Special Encumbrance
Heavy Blaster Pistol 7 3 Medium Data 1
Item Encumbrance Special
Laminate Armor 4 Soak 2
Binders 0
High-end Voicebox transliterator 0


Type Magnitude
Responsibility – Gand holds an undying commitment to his onw true love, Mulva the former Gamorrean holovid star, who now smuggles children away from the Empire 5
Betrayal – Gand has betrayed the honor of Typhh Rx’lbg by impersonating him for prestige 10

Motivation: To return to his former standing and glory, and retake his Gand name rights.

Born in the swirling mists of Gand, the Gand known merely as Gand was once a promising young Findsman. He was such a prodigy that he had already earned the right to his family’s name—Glur’boid—by the time he was 16. By the time he was 22, he had managed to capture three high-profile Imperial bounties, and he took the first name Honz, after his great grandfather. Things were looking good.

But all that changed the day he met her.

It was supposed to be a routine job. Kill Teemo the Hutt’s runaway concubine, a former Gammorrean holovid star named Mulva. It didn’t take long for him to find her. Gand could sense her presence immediately as he walked into the dank cantina on Ord Mantell. She was beautiful. As a barrage of blaster fire whizzed by his head, he knew he had fallen in love.

Growing up on Gand was not a normal life by any galactic standards. From the day he burst forth from his mother’s eggsac, along with the rest of his nubile siblings, it was up to him to navigate the ammonia mists of the planet as horrific unseen predators gobbled up the unworthy. Nothing got much easier as time went on. Instead of avoiding deadly fauna, he had to negotiate the bloodlust and ambition of his peers as they all vied for recognition as Findsmen, the last vestige of any unified Gand culture, ever since the Empire took over.

Which is all to say that love was never part of the equation. It was a new emotion. As he stood with his blaster barrel raised and set to stun, the Gammorrean girl begged at his feet bawling. Gand’s tiny, green heart welled. How could Teemo the Hutt want to kill such a perfect creature…?

The night they spent together on Gand’s ship was unforgettable. So was the next morning, when Gand found himself tied up, drugged, and his ship barrelling toward an asteroid field in the middle of uncharted space. She was gone.

The next years were bleak. Gand fell into a swirling mist of depression, as he obsessed over the loss of his one true love. Shirking other jobs for his own search for Mulva, Gand lost favor with Teemo, botched a string of important bounties, and destroyed his reputation. His name rights were revoked. And so Gand retreated permanently to Tatooine, where he set up a one-man private investigation firm: Gand, P.I. It’s a job. But Mulva is a way of life.


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