Fero Greet

A fast talking pilot.


Character Name: Fero Greet STAR WARS
Roleplaying Game
Species: Human
Career: Smuggler
Specialization Trees: Pilot, Scoundrel
Player: Alex

B 2
A 4
I 2
C 3
W 2
P 4

Key skills:
Pilot:space (4), Astrogation (1), Charm (3), Cool (2), Coordination (0), Deception (3), Negotiation (1), Leadership (1), Discipline (3), Perception (2), Piloting: Planet (1), Skulduggery (1), Streetwise (1), Vigilance (2), Ranged, light (3).

Heavy Blaster 4/2 7 medium, stun setting
Holdout Blaster 4/2 5 short stun

Type: Belief

Gender: M
Age: 21 (looks younger)
Height: 1.8 meters
Build: slim
Hair: Black
Eyes Brown
Notable Features:
Burn scars on neck and shoulder

Type: Sabotage

Weapons & Armor Personal Gear Assets & Resources
Heavy Clothing (on ship)
Superior Flight Suit (on) Comlink
breath mask
2x Stimpack
1x stun grenade 90 credits

Rapid Reaction: +1 initiative for 1 strain
Skilled Jockeyx2: remove ■ ■ from dice pool on pilot (space or ground)
Quickdraw: Draw as incidental
Let’s Ride: mount/ dismount or enter vehicle as incidental
Quick Strike: Add  to combat checks against an opponent that hasn’t acted.
Full Throttle: Make a hard check to increase ship speed 1 for 2 rounds
Rapid Recovery: Heal one additional strain after and encounter
Side Step: Take one strain to negate one attack, once per round, as maneuver
Natural Pilot: Reroll a Pilot (space) or gunnery check once per session
Defensive Driving: Add 1 defense to vehicle while piloting
Brilliant Maneuver: As action, opposed check to avoid attack for 4 rounds.
Toughenedx4: +8 wound threshold
Dedicationx2: +1 presence, +1 cunning
Black Market Contacts: -1 rarity for +%50 cost on items
Convincing Demeanor: remove ■ from dice pool on deception and skullduggery
Hidden Storage: 1 unit, on flight suit (contains hold out blaster)
Tricky Target: Vehicle Silhouette is one smaller when fired upon
Durable x2: May subtract 20 from critical hits
Brace: Remove one ■ from environment on ranged attack for maneuver
Enduring: +1 soak


Fero was was eleven and living in the cramped front quarters of a YT-2400. His parents were independent haulers who spent the bulk of their time carrying cargo of either dubious or downright illegal origins. His happiest moments were spent playing Imperial Bunkers in the hidden storage compartments underneath engineering, and of watching the densely packed stars of the galactic center race by in hyperspace. Formal schooling was nonexistent, and his father, Jerrick, taught him to read and write and to chart routes in the astrogation matrix.
It was his mother, though, who taught him the skills that made him a living later on in life. Shilo Greet was a skilled pilot, and her son learned some of the finer points of space jockeying at a tender age.
Fero would have happily worked his parents ship until he was old enough to throw in with some small shipping outfit of his own. But there are certain dangers attendant to the life of a smuggler, and while his parents did their best to keep the risk low, it was impossible to remove it entirely. Fer was filling out astrogation maps on the big table in the med bay while his parents handed off some illicit cargo to an imperial posting. He had heard his parents complaining that the captain of the outpost, a man by the name of Kaidir, was a creep and a crook, but that usually meant that his parents had a sure customer. From the medbay he heard most of the exchange, though, and this seemed to going smoothly until the offload of contraband was in the hands of the Imperials. He heard his parent ask for their payment, and then he heard laser fire. He hid behind the murky bacta tank just his mother had taught him.
Fero came out when he felt the ship drifting. Looking out the portholes, he saw that the imperials has uncoupled the ship and let it drift towards the planet below. he was already caught in the gravity well. He ran aft and found his parent’s bodies. His father’s face was ruined with blaster fire, but his mother looked like she was resting her eyes until he tried to move her. A laser bolt had burned through her chest and left a smoking hole in her jacket.
Fero fought back his emotions and ran aft. The ship was falling towards the planet fast. It was already too late to pull out, and Fero swore that he would land the ship, and that he would find the imperial bastards who had killed his parents, and that he would kill them one by one.

Fero spent the next ten years living on the streets of Fondor. His ship had landed hard, and in a rough exurb of the port region. While he had tried to claim the crash site, the locals had stripped the burned out ship down to the bolts in a matter of days. Fero did manage to keep a few vital and expensive parts, and he used them to secure some basic living expenses. He was small and foreign, and things were hard for a long time. He got by in the end by running messages for the Hutt network, and it was there that his skills groundcraft, and eventually space craft were noticed. By nineteen, he was piloting a ship for Teemo the Hutt. On every run he was tempted to jump into hyperspace and start chasing down the few leads he had managed to scrape together on Captain Kaidir and his squad. But every run he reined himself in, reminded himself that Teemo would not just let him and his ship go, and made himself be patient. Some day soon he would get his revenge, and when he did, he would be free to live the smuggler’s life that he had learned as a child.

Fero Greet

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