xFelini de Baal

A Duros Rebel Leader


A rebel leader stationed on Coachelle, Fellini was captured by the Empire following the fall of the Black Sun on that planet. Imprisoned on the Star Destroyer REVENGE, he was rescued by the Double Dealers on behalf of Oonce.

Nom Kussar wants Fellini dead. Currently, Fellini is with the Dealers on the surface of Wookiee Planet C.

In an attempt to flee from the surface of Wookiee Planet C, the Dealers and Felini were confronted by Moff Pars Ossnan, who believed he could turn Zamda Trist into an undercover agent for the Empire. Ossnan demanded a sign of trust — he wanted one of the Dealers to execute Felini.

Orion did.

xFelini de Baal

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