Erica Prin

Chiss debutante and sister of Kieran Prin


The sister of Kieran Prin and the heir to the Prin fortune. After traveling to Dathomir to aid in the discovery of the Prin Expedition Massacre Site, Erica Prin returned to her family’s home-away-from-home estate on Kalarba.

Supposedly, Erica introduced Kieran to Dr. Vale Doodo, another ill-fated member of the Prin Expedition.

She met with Dealers at the Prin Estate on Kalarba when they came to investigate Kieran’s death. She pointed them toward the offices of Dr. Doodo, but appeared to be truthful in her belief that her brother was her dead — and that a Dathomiri woman was to blame for all the trouble he got himself into.

Erica Prin

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