A cybernetics expert thought lost since the Clone Wars


An Arkanian female, Cratala was once the leading cybernetics designer and researcher in the Republic. Her reputation as a burgeoning genius caught the attention of Chancellor Palpatine, and she was ordered to join the Chancellor’s personal medical research staff. Cratala hated the corruption that ran rampant in the Republic, but the Chancellor’s staff wouldn’t take no for an answer. When they tried to abduct Cratala and her research, the Arkanian fled.

Recognizing her skills, the Separatists set her up with a lab and small staff near the Salvara system in the Mid Rim. Cratala worked on improved droid-cyborg integration for the battlefield. When the Separatists collapsed at the end of the war, her friendship with Captain Harsol ensured her rescue with her staff. They escaped to the Outer Rim only to be nearly destroyed by Imperial cruisers, and forced to crash-land on Cholganna.

In her two decades on Cholganna, Cratala has continued to experiment and research cybernetics technologies as best she is able. She is extremely paranoid and fearful regarding the Emperor’s interest in her and her skills.

Cratala has reluctantly boarded the Double Dealer and fled to Coachelle with the crew.

Some time later, Cratala hired a pirate crew to kidnap Doc Teetsba, believing she needed his knowledge to further her research. Doc was killed in the failed kidnapping. Subsequently, Doc’s former crew aboard the Double Dealer accepted a job from Nom Kussar to kill Cratala. She was slain by Gand (Typhh Rx’lbg), wielding the Scepter of Ragnos.


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