Captain Harsol

A Clone Wars Separatist stranded on a jungle planet for 20 years.


Harsol was a career naval officer who rose through the ranks of the Republic fleet. Before the Clone Wars he served on the bridge of a Republic Senator’s private cruiser and witnessed the Old Republic’s corruption first-hand. Though a native of Coruscant, with the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Harsol jumped at the chance to command a vessel against the corruption running rampant through the galaxy. For a time he served on General Grievous’s flagship, the INVISIBLE HAND. He later won a promotion to command the SA NALAOR.

Harsol foresaw the end of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and put a plan in place to make himself very rich. He forged a friendship with Cratala, the leader of the cybernetics facility his ship guarded. Harsol sent his private protocol droid, IT-3P0, to a human named Ropok Spokane, the father of Sergei Spokane, to develop black market connections for Cratala’s cybernetics. When the war was winding down and the Republic became the Empire, Harsol’s scheme went awry when the Sa Nalaor was caught in a battle with Imperials and Harsol was forced to crash-land on Cholganna.

Since the crash on Cholganna, Harsol’s no-nonesense practical sensibilities have kept the remaining survivors alive. At 55 years old, he is adept at battling the dangerous creatures native to Cholganna, and the social realities of managing the survivors of the Sa Nalaor.

Captain Harsol

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