Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session two

New New Master

- The Dealers discover Dr. Doodo’s datapad, but it has been thoroughly wiped clean. They gain no new information about Doodo’s activities on Rakata Prime.

- After a heart-to-heart with Krrsk, including a shared meditation in which Ja sees directly into his older brother’s mind, Ja tells Krrsk to take the Triple Deuce and start a new life somewhere. Krrsk takes the Imperial shuttle (along with Mu-Shin, still aboard, and all of the speeder bikes) and departs for an unknown destination.

- The Dealers again take possession of the DOUBLE DEALER itself — relatively unchanged, except for the addition of several waterbeds and a “party room.” Also the bacta tank has been Krrsk’s private toilet for the past several months.

- The Dealers, having failed to find JONNY BIGBUSH on their own, explored the large craters found in the abandoned outposts. They were connected to large tunnels that led back to Doodo’s cave. Under the cave itself, they detected a variety of several large space slugs living under the surface of the planet.

- Returning to Doodo’s cave, the Dealers witnessed several of the primitive Rakatans committing suicide by throwing themselves into the large craters. Gand was able to communicate with one, who explained that their Old Master — Doodo — had introduced them to the Sand Mynock, also called the Red Shape, and led them in worship of this old god. Doodo led them in rituals (that included the sacrifice of several Rakatan) enabling them to control the space slugs and send them to destroy the nearby outposts.

- The Rakatan explained that their New Master — Krrsk — killed Doodo and seemed willing to continue this cycle of sacrifice. Gand established gandself as their New New Master by using the Force to fling a Rakatan into the nearby pit. The Rakatan explained to the Dealers where they could find Jonny Bigbush.

- Bigbush, a Rakatan/Rodian hybrid, was living alone on a well-defended island. He asked the Dealers to please not kill him, and explained he had been picking off cultists as best he could for the past several weeks. He assisted the Dealers in the successful placement of another EYE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, sealing away the evil presence Doodo had awakened on Rakata Prime.

- Leaving the planet (with Bigbush aboard the Double Dealer), the crew used Krrsk’s Imperial codes to radio in to the nearby Star Destroyer that they had discovered a rebel base deep within the tunnels on Rakata Prime. The Imperials confirmed that they would soon begin a systematic and devastating carpet bombing campaign of the planet’s surface, killing all they could and trapping anyone else below the planet’s surface.

- The Dealers headed off for parts unknown…

Ja: 10. Duty: 0.
Gand: 10. Duty: 5.
Fero: 10. Duty: 5.

- Krrsk’s Imperial codes
- 4 buzzdroids (property of Krrsk) aboard the Double Dealer
- minus one Triple Deuce, and all equipment & personnel aboard


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