Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session three

Double Dealt

- A long hyperspace trip (with a minor detour due to faulty astronavigation) to Krayiss II, in the same system as Korriban.

- Following the Prin Expedition’s trail, the Dealers track down FARAZ NAJIR, a sith-species who stole antiquities from OMO SHAKTO and sold them to the Prin Expedition. After some forceful negotiation, in which Najir believed the Dealers worked for Shakto and/or were going to kill or mutilate him further, Najir told them everything he knew — including that Shakto was searching for another item, a girdle, that was in the possession of monks at the Temple of the Servant on Krayiss II.

- The Dealers used Krrsk Kitran’s Imperial codes to secure a shuttle down to the planet’s surface.

- At Omo Shakto’s crimson grass plantation, they convinced Shakto that they would seek out and find the girdle for him.

- At the Temple of the Servant, they convinced the monks that they would keep the girdle out of Shakto’s hands. The monks agreed to let them take it, and the monks gave them a large piece of fossilized shale on which they could carve the Eye of Light & Darkness at the sight of the Bent Pyramid on Krayiss II.

- Fero met up with CARL EMERSON, an Imperial shuttle pilot, intended to get back to the Double Dealer and pick up the rest of the crew when they were finished in the pyramid. A mysterious ship fired on the shuttle, bu the shuttle was able to avoid destruction. The Imperial Star Destroyer REVENGE ordered the shuttle to come aboard. Fero convinced Carl to flee to the Rebels, and the ship jumped to the nearby TISS’SHARL system.

- Meanwhile, on the planet’s surface, Zamda, Ja, Gand, and Brosef infilitrate the Bent Pyramid. They find their way to a hidden chamber at the apex, where they light six crystals that are fused into pillars. They are confronted by the spirit of KING ADAS himself, who tells the Dealers…

You are foolish to continue your present efforts. The powers you defy are too mighty to be discomfited by mortal efforts. For 30,000 years I have waited, pondered, and learned the truth of all things. Soon I return to your plane of existence. All will know Adas. All will burn in a never-ending fire. Look, you, at the fate of those who came before you!

- A vision shimmered before them of Penhew, Styvv, Kieran, Doodo, and Hypatia, on Dathomir, all rended limb from limb by sith zombies.

Even the brave know their lot. All doors are closed to you. All dreams are doomed. All struggle is futile. Would you know more? Would you end your struggle?

- The vision changed. A doorway appeared, showing the landscape outside and the Bent Pyramid being built.

With but a step, you lend your power to mine. You live forever as an aspect of Adas. This is no test. This is no battle. There is no second chance. Agree, and give in.

- The Dealers did not end the doorway, and after a moment the vision disappeared — and so did the spirit of Adas.

- The Dealers, led by Brosef, successfully placed the Eye of Light & Darkness in place. Gand was left to wonder if this was, in fact, his destiny — had every action been leading him to resurrect Adas?

- Zamda received a message from Fero on his datapad:

Situation is all messed up. Shuttle fired on. Com shorted, nav units have locked us out, Hyperdrive engaging. No way to stop it. Must be a systems issue. Hold out until we are in system. Captain Rand McNally out.

- “Roger-Roger, we will manage,” Zamda replied. Zamda told the other Dealers that they would need to find their own way out, or sit tight until Fero returned.

- With Fero gone, the Dealers were trapped on Krayiss II with their ship on the moon overhead. There was one planet left to visit — Dathomir — and two members of the Prin Expedition left unaccounted for: Hypatia Masters, the twi’lek woman romantically linked to Kieran Prin; and the mysterious Dathomiri woman who led Kieran down this path to begin with….

Zamda: 10. Duty: 0.
Ja: 10. Duty: 0.
Brosef: 10. Duty: 0.
Fero: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 10. Duty: 0.

- a strange girdle
- depending upon your point of view, the Blood Draw, a Sentinel-class Imperial shuttle.


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