Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session one

Archaeological Tycoons

- En route to Lehon, aka Rakata Prime, a planet far beyond the civilized galaxy, the Dealers busy themselves with personal projects…

- Gand practices with his lightsaber.

- Fero does his best to offer encouragement to Gand, while also fiddling with the Triple Deuce’s systems.

- Brosef watches holoporn and chats with the dudes.

- Zamda does his best to track the progress of Krrsk Kitran from Coachelle to Rakata Prime.

- Ja stays isolated, meditating and recovering from his battles on Ord Mantel and the Grey Dragon Moon.

- Arriving on Rakata Prime, the Dealers slip past a Star Destroyer that is orbiting the planet. The planet itself is quiet — it is dotted by seemingly abandoned outposts, with the exception of Randolph Outpost.

- The Dealers investigate Cuncudgerie Outpost, now devoid of life. They discover evidence that a degenerate tribe of Rakatan had started raiding and attacking the outpost shortly before everyone there disappeared.

- Firing up a computer, they receive a message addressed to “Tentacl3s” from someone with the screenname “HH Digger” from Randolph Outpost. HH Digger was glad his friend was still alive, and looked forward to finally meeting him in person. At Randolph Outpost, the Dealers told Digger that Tentacl3s was not with them, but was possibly still back at Cuncudgerie. Digger assembled a team to go look for his penpal.

- The leader of Randolph Outpost, Toddy “Randolph” Gorlo, was a snouty, crabby Gammorrean. He’d been bullied out of his own quarters by Krrsk, who had gone ahead to look for an old hermit who lived somewhere in the caves nearby. Randolph suspected the person behind the killings of Jonny Bigbush, a rakatan/rodian half-breed who also lived somewhere on the wild islands of Rakatan.

- The Dealers tracked Krrsk to the hermit’s cave. They discovered the hermit was actually Vale Doodo, the doctor from the Prin Expedition, and that Krrsk had killed him and usurped his position as leader of the degenerate tribe of Rakatan.

- Krrsk was ready to battle Ja once again, but Ja claimed to want to join his brother. Krrsk, so tired, so ready to believe his brother, was sucker-sabered — but the hilt was double-bladed, and Ja struck himself as well.

- A fight!

- Finally, Ja told Krrsk that he loved him. Krrsk broke down sobbing and submitted to his younger brother, finally ending a years-long feud.

Brosef: 5. Duty: 0.
Gand: 5: Duty: 0.
Zamda: 5. Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 0.
Ja: 10. Duty: 5.

- Krrsk’s datapad


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