Masks of Adas

Episode VII: session twelve

Battle of the Grey Dragon Moon


Bullet point version:

- THE WORKSHOP. Aubrey Penhew is here at last, protected by a small Stormtrooper squad and a brutish red alien called The Acolyte. Penhew ZAPS our heroes with lightning as the Acolyte attacks Ja with a double-bladed lightsaber.

- Aubrey is working on a warhead designed for the downward-facing-rocket in the larger room.

- Ja rushes in and pummels the Acolyte with his BARE HANDS. Ja sustains several grievous (critical, even) wounds. Ja takes down the Acolyte, though he is nearly killed hisself in the process.

- Aubrey gets SHOT A LOT. The final blast takes out Aubrey AND disables the warhead, which was on a countdown to explode.

- The ritual of the Eye of Light & Darkness is completed, led by Brosef, using just a pinch of Fero’s blood. The ritual is successful, and the Grey Dragon Moon is safe from future evils from the Order of the Bloated Woman.

- The Dealers decided to head to RAKATA PRIME — aka LEHON — next, but first contact Ja’s brother KRRSK KITRAN and tell him he needs to also come to Lehon to SAVE Ja from a dastardly cult. Krrsk believes them, and says he will meet them there.

- Pinhole edit to credits.


Brosef: 20. Duty: 5.
Fero: 20. Duty: 5.
Gand: 20. Duty: 0.
Ja: 20. Duty: 5.
Sandovar: 20. Duty: 5.
Zamda: 20. Duty: 0.

(Total Group Duty: 85)

- double-bladed lightsaber
- I don’t remember what else


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