Masks of Adas

Episode VII: session eleven

Crate Dragons

The Dealers hide in a crate aboard the Luxuriant Goddess and allow themselves to be taken, unseen, into the facility on the Grey Dragon Moon.

After being carried for some time, the crate is deposited among several others in a dark, hot cavern. Ja promptly stretches his limbs, busting the crate and freeing the Dealers. Fero, Zamda, and Sandovar investigate the other crates and find strange machinery within — Sandovar recognizes them as being based on Rakatan technology, a civilization long extinct. The Dealers subtly sabotage the parts, which look to be meant for a rocket or missile

Zamda is the first to peer over the crates into the larger cavern. It is dimly lit, and he can see nothing but a smoking pool of magma.

Fero, stepping out from the crates, encounters a half-dozen red-skinned aliens, similar to Faraz Najir, the antiquities dealer who Kieran Prin bought artifacts from on a moon of Krayiss II. The red aliens glanced at the medallion Fero had taken from a pirate, but otherwise paid him no mind. They were shoveling goopy muck out of a dark, bubbling pool.

The Dealers returned to the crates, but this time Ja dropped one — getting the attention of a Dathomir in the larger part of the cavern. The Dathomir and three of his allies ignited red lightsabers and attacked the Dealers.

Ja, squaring off with two Dathomiri, is nearly taken down — he is temporarily blinded when he is struck in the face with a lightsaber hilt, his rancor gloves are destroyed, and his flightsuit is blasted off of his body. But ultimately, the Dathomiri are overwhelmed — one is pushed back into the magma pool, another is pulled into the bubbling pool by an unseen creature, one is crushed by a Force-flung crate, and the fourth is … killed by blaster fire? It was a chaotic scene!

The red aliens attempt to swarm Gand, but are ultimately cowed by his presence. They speak a strange dialect, and encourage the Dealers to leave via the elevator their crate was brought up in.

But the Dealers investigate the rest of the room. Fero is fascinated by a large, ten-foot statue of the Bloated Woman that seems to darker than the shadows around it, seemingly writhing and moving whenever he does not look directly at it.

Two smaller rooms are discovered. One holds a throne and ancient artifacts of unknown lineage. The throne hides a smaller cavern, which contains an escape pod with no visible launching mechanism. It seems built to withstand an immense catastrophe, and a hologram of Aubrey Penhew is visible on its outer shell. Zamda reprograms the hologram to be a generic Wookiee template.

Behind the other door, the Dealers find themselves face to face with Penhew himself. He is guarded by four Imperial Stormtroopers and a hulking red-skinned alien, much larger and more savage looking than the ones by the pool

Ja: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 5 Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 5. Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 0.
Zamda: 5. Duty: 0.

- one red lightsaber
- a Dealerful of strange scarab medallions


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