Masks of Adas

Episode VIII: session six
The End.

The Dealers encounter a small group of Dathomiri tribesman in the grass around the footpaths to the Mountain of the Black Wind. They were frightened and easily rattled, and they attacked Fero when they thought he was alone. Zamda killed three with a single blaster shot, and Fero told the last one to run away. He did, and Ja dismembered him with a lightsaber.

Reaching the end of the mountain path, the Dealers find a hidden passage into the mountain itself. Mulva_ is told to wait for the Dealers, which she does.

Inside the cavern, a glimpse of a statue depicted Adas in his Bloody Tongue aspect nearly sends Gand over the edge.


The Dealers made short work of some exploring cultists and darktroopers. Discovering 50 imprisoned tribesmen, Zamda attempted to arm them with the darktroopers’ rifles — the frightened tribesmen immediately fired on Zamda. They left the prisoners to cower in their cage.

Following another secret path up to a larger cavern, the Dealers discovered a horrible temple built into the mountain. Amidst writhing, tentacle-like columns, the Dealers finally find Hypatia Masters, her body distended and straining to contain a horribly obscene creature growing within her — the resurrected Sith King Adas.

Hypatia was being attended by M’Weru, the mysterious dathomiri woman who led the Prin Expedition into the unknown, and six black-armored Shadow Guard. Before them all there was a group of 10,000 gathered cultists, all chanting for the return of the True Sith’ari.

Brosef was rendered momentarily incapacitated by the terrible sight. Fero readied the group’s last thermal detonator, but the obscene sight caused him to simply stand still holding the device — it exploded a few mere feet from the Dealers, nearly killing them all.

Before M’Weru and the others could react, Gand threw a heavy stone altar at the Nightsister. Ja smirked at his friends and jumped in to finish the job, cutting off her head with his double-bladed lightsaber. Fero and Zamda aimed their fire at Hypatia and the horrible spawn she carried. On the cusp of the Bloody Tongue’s greatest victory, Hypatia and the creature within her were killed.

Called in by Ja, Commander Dagbar and the Star Cruiser GOOD MANNERS jumped into the system and engaged the Star Destroyer FIST. The Good Manners’s complement of starfighters broke through the line of TIEs and bombed the Mountain of the Black Wind as the Dealers fought through the Shadow Guard to a waiting shuttle. The Dealers made it back to their ship and cleared the atmosphere of Dathomir in time to see the Good Manners destroy the Imperial Super Destroyer.

The surviving rebels jumped away. The crew of the Double Dealer gathered in the new party room of their ship and held a celebration in honor of their success, their fallen friends, and the continuing battle to save the Galaxy from the Dark Side.

It sounded like this…


Sgt Fero Greet
Fero gave up piloting the Double Dealer for a chance to fly an X-Wing. With a recommendation from his commanding officer Gorp Molo, Fero joined Rogue Squadron and participated in the Battle of Endor, flying against the Second Death Star. In the days of the New Republic, Fero found himself captaining his own squadron of starfighters, serving under the command of a seemingly rehabilitated Moff Pars Ossnan, the man who had long ago ordered the deaths of his parents. He never had another crew like the crew that manned the Double Dealer….

Sgt Gand
Sgt Ja Kitran
Gand and Ja traveled the Galaxy together in the Double Dealer, seeking other Force Sensitives like themselves. The Dealer became a roving classroom with Gand, Ja, and their band of Force users fighting for the cause of the Rebel Alliance. After the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, Gand and Ja became teachers in the newly reconstituted Jedi Academies established by Luke Skywalker.

Sgt Zamda Trist
Zamda disappeared after the Battle of Dathomir. Shadowy infochants believed he became a one-person Bothan Spy Net, striking at the Empire wherever he could. But he never stayed in one place too long, and he never received a reward or another commendation from the Rebel Alliance. Privately, he had rehabilitated the Trist name. Many rebels were saved by the efforts of this Bothan spy — even if they never knew it.

Sgt Brosef Dondar
Brosef continued to serve the rebel cause as a physician on the frontlines of battle. Scarred by the loss of his unit on Ord Mantell, and by the terrible things he witnessed on Dathomir, Brosef drifted away from Galactic society after the end of the war. He drifted for a time in a fire-water haze, but when he sobered up he found himself on the memorial world BOZ PITY. There he established a hospital and a place of rest for other war veterans who wanted a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of New Republic life. Sometimes, late in the evenings, he would tell the story of the time he reattached someone’s arm only moments after it was severed.

The Double Dealers made many other friends and allies during their journey across the Galaxy — 2VAC, also known as J.S. Galactic. Styvv the Wookiee. Doc Teetsba. Sandovar. Woorbly. Gorp. Gorp Two. Mulva. Krrsk. Mulva. Though the final destinies of some of these friends and allies are lost to history, all played a role in supporting the crew of the Double Dealer (and, for a time, the Triple Deuce).

Some of their stories continued. Some were never heard from again. All were heroes, and Good Guys, in their own ways.

Keep double dealing.

May the Force Be With You … Always.

Episode VIII: session five
Masquerading as Penals

- The Dealers rendezvous with rebel agents in the Ord Cestus system. Fero arrives aboard the shuttle Last Resort and Captain Gorp is there to take control of the Imperial craft the rest of the Dealers liberated from Krayiss.

- The Dealers call in every favor they can, and they’re given one-time mission command of the Star Cruiser GOOD MANNERS. Built to stand toe-to-toe with a Star Destroyer, the GOOD MANNERS hosts a complement of 36 starfighters, numerous shuttles and landing craft, and 1200 rebel troopers. The Dealers agree to hold back the cruiser to aid in their escape from Dathomir.

- Fero and Zamda program the shuttle Last Resort to jump to Dathomir unmanned, where it is immediately blasted to scrap by the Star Destroyer FIST. The Double Dealer, after a well-timed if accidental jump to Mandalore, jumps into the craft’s debris field, undetected by the Imperials.

- Fero performs a controlled drift into the atmosphere of Dathomir itself, and the ship sets down at a settlement outside of the Imperial Penal Colony.

- A Gran from the settlement meets with the Dealers. The Dealers agree to outfit the Gran with blaster rifles and several suits of stormtrooper armor if he leaves their ship unmolested. The Gran promises to try his best to break into their ship, but he doubts his and his colleagues primitive gear will permit entry.

- The Dealers head into the penal colony itself. The prisoners are escape-pod-jettisoned onto Dathomir’s surface, and then left to their own devices without supplies. Fero trades a fancy pistol to an … Aqualish? for a giant spider and a cart. Gand names the spider Mulva_, and the Dealers ride the wagon to meet with one of Woorbly’s contacts, JOMO DATHO.

- Datho receives the Dealers cordially, and sends them to a strange old blue reptile called OLD BURUNDI. Burundi slowly awakes from intense meditation, and he cryptically offers the Dealers two gifts to aid them in their confrontation at the Mountain of the Black Wind: a small, black handle that Burundi says will detect evil; and a small wooden cage, its contents impossible to see, that Burundi says will aid them one single time.

- The Dealers travel to the massacre site of the Prin Expedition. Despite being several months old, it is still strewn with bodies, limbs, and blood, as if the massacre has only just happened.

- Beyond the massacre site, a mountain leads up to an imposing tower of stone: the Mountain of the Black Wind, where an unknown fate awaits them….

Brosef: 5. Duty: 0.
Ja: 5. Duty: 0.
Gand: 5. Duty: 5.
Zamda: Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 5.

- a giant spider named Mulva
- a wooden cart

Episode VIII interlude
Fero's Holiday

Aboard the Imperial Shuttle Blood Draw, Fero and Imperial Pilot Carl Emerson are en route from the surface of Krayiss II to the Double Dealer

Fero gave Carl a moment to mull over the offer he had just made. It was dangerous, mentioning the rebellion to an Imperial trooper, but Fero couldn’t help himself. What if this guy wanted to get out? Shouldn’t he have that chance? He seemed like a nice guy.

Fero put down his deck of cards and went to the cockpit. He wanted to see how this little shuttle handled. Carl was punching in some minor corrections, and Fero had to stop himself from making some unnecessary suggestions over his shoulder. He scanned the control panel in front of him, and then slipped into the co-pilot’s seat. Even if he wasn’t going to do any flying, it felt better to sit up front. Most of the knobs and dials looked pretty standard, but the readouts used imperial alerts. Fero pointed to a series of numbers and letters flashing on the aft sensor panel.

“What does this one mean? Is it supposed to be flashing red?”


Imperial Shuttle Pilot Carl Emerson checks his controls, and speaks into his comm.

“Revenge, this is the Shuttle Blood Draw. Returning one passenger from planetside, it looks like I’ve got an in-bound Cloakshape with weapons-hot. Please advise?”

There is a crackle of static, and then a voice responds:

“Blood Draw, Revenge. What do you — hold on. You are advised to deviate from your set path back to the First Moon. You are advised to pull away from all transport lanes. Decelerate, lower shields, and maintain low speed.”

“I don’t understand,” Carl says, as if to himself. Then, into the comm, “Say again Revenge?”

“Decelerate, lower shields, and exit transport lanes, Blood Draw,” says the voice on the comm.

The shuttle, a Sentinel-class landing craft, is rocked by blaster fire from the Cloakshape Fighter. Sparks fly from the console.

“I don’t understand,” Carl says, struggling to maintain control of his craft. He looks, wild-eyed, to Fero. “What do I do?”

Fero scans the screens in front of him to make sure that there are no systems down.
“Switch seats with me. I’m going to need a good co-pilot”

Before Carl can even get up, Fero reaches sideways and takes the controls.
“Does this thing have any guns? Fore, aft? You might need to return fire. I can try to get into position if you give the firing arc.”

Fero sees a gap in the traffic of the shuttle lane and dives through, accelerating as he does, and then sliding sideways. (Fero accelerates as a maneuver, and then makes a brilliant evasion action: “Once per encounter may take brilliant evasion action. Select 1 opponent and make opposed piloting check to stop opponent from attacking character for rounds equal to agility.”)

Roll: five success, one is a triumph. One advantage.

Fero takes the Blood Draw into a spin, banking away from the transport lane. The Cloakshape Fighter fires into the space where the Blood Draw used to be, hitting and destroying a different Sentinel-class shuttle.

“That was Dori’s bus!” Carl says. “Revenge, this is Blood Draw — what in the name of the Emperor is going on?”

There is another crackle of static.

“Dammit,” mutters the voice on the other side of the comm. “All TIE squadrons, converge on transport lane C, quadrant 3-B. There is a rogue Cloakshape Fighter attacking Imperial shuttles. Shoot to kill, TIE squadrons.”

After another crackle of static, the voice on the comm continues: “Blood Draw, this is Revenge. Re-route from the First Moon, change course to Revenge. Re-route to Revenge immediately. Please confirm.”

“Revenge—” Carl starts.

Then he stops. He mutes his comm.

“Who are you?” he asks Fero.

“Me? I’m nobody. I’m just Fero. I’m the pilot. But my crew, those guys you took down to the planet, well they’re the Double Dealers. So I’m one of them. We’re the good guys. Mostly.

“Look, we can’t go back to the Revenge. I didn’t really kill the rest of the crew. They are on the planet, and they will need a pick-up some time in the next few hours. We need to get back to the first moon, lay low until they call, and then go down there and get them.

“If you come with me, I can get you to the rebels. Well, technically you’re already with the rebels, I guess. You know, because you’re with me. But there’s more of me, or, I mean us. And I can get you to us.

“Are you with us?”

Carl’s finger hesitates over the comm controls. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it again.

(Carl’s Cool result: 3 successes + 1 advantage)

(Fero’s charm result: 3 success and 3 advantage)

Carl turns the comm back on. He maintains eye contact with Fero as he says, “Roger that, Revenge. Blood Draw coming in for a landing. Oop — hold on - I think there’s something wrong with our astronav-”

Carl draws his sidearm and blasts the comm. He spins up the hyperdrive.

A fleet of TIE fighters screams past the Blood Draw and fires on the Cloakshape Fighter, firing on it. They strike the Fighter, but the Fighter takes evasive action.

“There’s no way we make it the First Moon in one piece. I dunno what they’re doing, but they’re going to fire at us sooner or later. Maybe we can jump out and sneak back to pick up your friends, but I can’t make any promises. Any bright ideas as to where we can go, Fero of the Double Dealer?”

(The nearest systems are Ziost, Elom, and Stenos. Ziost and Elom are under direct, intensive Imperial control. Stenos is under Imperial control, but its inhabitants — the Stenax — are unruly and occasional combat their oppressors, though in an organized fashion.)

(Slightly farther out is Tiss’Sharl, which has a nominal Imperial representative on-world who functions as a liason, but there is no Imperial fleet stationed there. Further still is Felucia, a contested world that nonetheless lacks a significant rebel presence, and Rhen Var — formerly the site of a rebel “listening post” that has been recently been wiped out by Imperial forces.)

Fero listens to Carl run through their options. “If we jump into an imperial fleet, we will be in the exact same spot we are here. Tiss’Sharl sounds like our best bet. Punch it in, but give me a second before you jump.”

Fero pulls up his data pad and keys in the codes for Zamda’s unit. “Situation is all messed up. Shuttle fired on. Com shorted, nav units have locked us out, Hyperdrive engaging. No way to stop it. Must be a systems issue. Hold out until we are in system. Captain Rand McNally out.”

Fero looks up at Carl and grins. “Ready to jump?”

On the surface of Krayiss II, Zamda’s data pad beeped to notify an incoming message. He read the message from Rand McNally and his fur bristled with irritation and nervousness. He engaged his comm scrambler and replied, “Roger-Roger, we will manage.” He looked up to the rest of the Dealers and said in his calm voice, “It looks like Fero is in trouble and we may need to find our own way out or sit tight until he’s clear. Imperials probably, let’s keep our heads down and try not to be noticed.” He gave a meaningful look to Ja, “Try to keep the violence to a minimum until we are finished here. I promise you a storm trooper to dismember when we are done.”

“Absolutely not ready to jump,” Carl says, punching the Blood Draw into hyperspace.

The shuttle jumps to Tiss’Sharl, a busy system with a relatively small Imperial presence among the ships and fleets coming and going from its many ports. Carl guides the Blood Draw through a number of ports, attempting to bury the ship’s trail. He uses his existing Imperial codes when necessary, but when asked by the Tiss’Shar he claims he is searching for a merchant named Ji-Di-Dee. If pressed by Fero, he admits this is a made up name.

After skirting through a number of ports over the course of several hours, Carl asks Fero what their next move should be.

“Lose the ship? Hit a cantina and look for rebel contacts? I’m — I’m kinda out of my depth. There’s not a big Imperial presence here, but that’s kinda because it’s not very safe for rebels. What do you think?”

Fero rolls
Piloting (Space): Average: 2 success, 1 triumph
Streetwise: Hard 1 success, 1 advantage:
Charm: Hard: 2 success, 1 disadvantage
Galactic Civil War: Average: 1 failure, 1 disadvantage
Skullduggery: Hard: 1 success

“Let’s try to make contact with the rebels. We need to be ready to jump back and pick up the dealers. So no ditching the ship, even if we get into trouble. Lets head to a cantina and I’ll use a com planetside to contact our CO.”

Fero puts the ship down on a dingy looking landing pad and gets out to look around.

Fero brings the Blood Draw down onto the landing pad, sidling in as another ship is pulling out of a pre-paid spot. It’s a tight maneuver, but the other ship never even notices he’s there — and the landing pad sensors never notice that one ship has left and another has taken its place.

“I didn’t know this ship could even move like this,” Carl says.

It doesn’t take long before Fero and Carl find The Fly’s Lament, a seedy cantina in the underlevel. It’s certainly not a rebel bar, but Fero talks himself into a game of sabacc with some off-duty refinery workers and a smuggler named To-Nal-Guk. To-Nal takes a liking to Fero and Carl’s lighthearted ribbing of the Imperial occupation, but when Fero makes a remark about the stormtroopers not being worth the empty blaster cartridges they leave behind, one of the gamblers takes offense.

“We make those blaster cartridges on Tiss’Sharl,” one of them hisses. “Are you talking ssssmack about our craftsssmanship?”

A brawl breaks out over the sabacc table, but Fero and Carl throw a few punches, blame it on the reptiles at the next table over, and soon the entire cantina is lost to the chaos of a barfight.

Fero is tempted to slip out the back in the scrum, but he sees Carl going toe to toe with one of the locals and keeps fighting.

Fero rolls
Brawl: Average: 1 failure, 1 success
Leadership: Average: Two Success, 1 Triumph, 3 Disadvantage

Underworld: Hard: 2 failure, 2 disadvantage
Resilience: Hard: 2 Disadvantage
Streetwise: Average.1 Success, 1 advantage

Fero does his best to dole out a few ineffectual hits, but mostly he’s lost in the chaos as the cantina brawl empties out into the street. Carl nearly goes for his blaster, ready to lay these reptiles out for daring to assault an Imperial officer, but Fero reigns him in. They save a tiss’shar named Ko-Ko B’ware, who turns out to be just the rebel contact they didn’t know they were looking for.

Ko-Ko takes them to a rebel safehouse. Preparing to smuggle them out of the system aboard a weapons shipment, Fero remarks to Ko-Ko that this isn’t dissimilar to who the lepi smuggled weapons to the rebels from Coachelle. Ko-Ko snarls that the tiss’shar and lepi have been engaged in a cold war for decades, and that he hopes Fero and Carl enjoy their long voyage.

The voyage is longer (and more difficult) than Fero imagined it would be. Trapped in ammunitions crates for a day and a half, he alternates between extreme physical discomfort, hallucinations brought on by heat and lack of water, and irrational resentment of Carl, smashed up against him.

Finally, the box Fero and Carl stowawayed on is opened — on Telos IV. Under Imperial control, this planet of robotics factories isn’t much better than being stuck on Tiss’Sharl.

Fero’s personal comm system gets a message from the Dealers, telling him that they’re headed for Dathomir.

Fero leads Carl into the back entrance of a droid foundry, where they find a spare set of workers’ uniforms.

Fero holds one of the uniforms up to Carl. “Try this one. This always works. Well, usually.”

Fero rolls
Mechanics, Average: 1 disadvantage
Negotiation, Hard: 1 success
Computers, Average: Nothing!
Vigilance, Average: 3 success, 2 disadvantage
Piloting – Space, Hard: 2 success, 1 triumph, 1 disadvantage (rerolled using Natural Pilot talent)

Fero and Carl fall into the stream of workers building droids and mechanized weapons for the Empire. Headed for the assembly line, small talk from an Aqualish in line ahead of him causes a bit of a fumble when Fero advices that the walrus-man-mechanic “watch out for the flipperydo on the whatswitch.”

The Aqualish roars something incomprehensible in return.

“Uhh, he doesn’t like you,” Carl translates.

As the line of workers into the foundry starts to split off to their specific stations, Fero realizes he’s headed into the droid smelting area — deep within the bowels of the foundry. He manages to talk his way into swapping places with a Duros from the Cloud Car repair line, promising the dupe a first-hand look at “the new swivel-hipped protocol models” now in production. Carl tags along.

Manning the repair line, Fero clacks away at a dataport the way he remembers Zamda doing. He never manages to log himself into the system, but it looks and sounds real enough that he’s left alone at the work station for several hours.

This doesn’t help his & Carl’s situation, but sometimes it comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Just as Carl whispers to Fero that this isn’t the rebel life he expected for himself, Fero sees a repair ship passing through — a single-occupant cloud car-style craft fitted with an astromech that’s designed to go out and repair patrol craft in the upper atmosphere.

“This might be our last, best chance,” Carl says. “But — you’re the only one who actually knows where to go.”

Fero protests leaving Carl behind, but the cloud car is about to pull out of maintenance. Carl convinces him to take the chance to escape — and that Carl is a decent pilot himself, and will do his best to follow.

Fero switches himself out for the astromech in the cramped cloud car. The droid protests, but Carl gives it a conk on the chassis.

“You gotta find your friends,” Carl says. “I mean, look — I don’t really understand what this whole war is about, but I gotta admit — it feels good to do something for the good guys for once. To do something that might save lives. Good luck out there, buddy. And may the Force be with you.”

Fero pilots the cloud car out to a malfunctioning Jumpmaster 5000 Scout Ship called The Last Resort. He switches place with the pilot, an elderly Ithorian named Quilcom. With a few cursory repairs, the Last Resort is good to go.

The ship is old and decrepit, with a class-3 hyperdrive and passenger capacity for one. But it’s transponder codes are clean, and Dathomir is a clear jump down the Hydian Way…

Fero: 5. Duty: 5.

- 1 JM-5000 Jumpmaster Long Range Scout ship, The Last Resort, EotE p. 256.

Episode VIII: session four
"Follow my plan."

- On the surface of Krayiss II, with their ride home having just jumped out of system, the Dealers discuss their options…

- One: do nothing and wait for Fero to return.

- Two: make their own way back to the Double Dealer, and wait for Fero there.

- Three: make their own way back to the Double Dealer, and head for Dathomir.

- As “wait for Fero to return” offered little chance of forward movement, the Dealers leave the Bent Pyramid and find a landing pad. It currently has two shuttles waiting for clearance to launch, a squad of stormtroopers on guard, various load-lifting droids milling about, and two pilots per shuttle.

- Ja develops a plan: Brosef is to create a distraction, hopefully drawing off the stormtroopers. The remaining Dealers will take over both shuttles, sending one on autopilot. From the other, they’ll again use Krrsk Kitran’s Imperial codes to send a message — that the Dealers are aboard the autopiloted shuttle, and that they are in pursuit of the rebels.

- The plan moves forward even better than expected. Zamda dispatches the pilot of one shuttle as Brosef, using the landspeeder, draws off half of the stormtrooper squad. Brosef tries to make his escape, but as ever, planetary piloting skills elude the Dealers. Fortunately, by reversing instead of accelerating, Brosef runs down the stormtroopers in pursuit.

- Gand and Ja make short work of the remaining stormtrooper squad. Zamda sets the shuttle to autopilot and it takes off toward the moons.

- The other two pilots try to investigate the commotion, but the combined Dealers dispatch them easily.

- The group recovers the Double Dealer and discuss whether they should turn over the sith mask to the monks in the Temple of the Servant, as had been agreed. Instead, they jump the Dealer and their new shuttle out of system, arranging with Gorp to take possession of the Imperial shuttle.

- They send an encoded message to Fero that they’re moving on to Dathomir, to pursue the last of their leads….

Zamda: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 5. Duty: 5.
Brosef: 5. Duty: 5.
Ja: 5. Duty: 5.

Congratulations! The Double Dealers have reached Alliance Contribution Rank: 2
This means the group’s contributions to the fight against the Empire have gained them some renown with the Rebel Alliance — and some infamy with Empire itself.

As a group, you are considered tested soldiers and trusted collaborators. You are respected and trusted by the Alliance. You are all promoted to the rank of SERGEANT in the Rebel Alliance.

To the Empire, you are considered to have limited but useful tactical intelligence value. Re-education is still possible, but unlikely. Execution after interrogation is recommended. Use of bounty hunters to capture or eliminate you is rare, but may be possible.

The Double Dealers have also earned a new Alliance Reward. This comes in one of three forms, and must be decided on by the group.

1. Equipment. If you opt for individual pieces of equipment, each of you may choose one piece of equipment (weapon, armor, gear, etc.) to receive from the Alliance for free. These pieces of gear cannot have a rarity greater than 3, plus the party’s current Contribution rank — for a total of 5.

2. Vehicle. If you select a party-owned vehicle as your reward, you can choose one vehicle or starship to receive from the Alliance for free. This vehicle or starship cannot have a rarity greater than 3 plus the party’s current Contribution rank — for a total of 5. The price and size of vehicle the Alliance is willing to part with is ultimately up to your GM.

3. Strategic Asset. This might be a safe house in a specific system, temporary use of a powerful Alliance ship, a smaller cell of Alliance operatives to aid you in your missions, or anything else you can imagine. This should be worked on among the Dealers (and your GM) to make narrative sense, and appropriate for your current Contribution rank.

Your individual Duty ranks have been reset to 0.

- one Sentinel-class Imperial shuttle, turned over to the Rebel Alliance
- 4 suits of Imperial Stormtrooper armor

Episode VIII: session three
Double Dealt

- A long hyperspace trip (with a minor detour due to faulty astronavigation) to Krayiss II, in the same system as Korriban.

- Following the Prin Expedition’s trail, the Dealers track down FARAZ NAJIR, a sith-species who stole antiquities from OMO SHAKTO and sold them to the Prin Expedition. After some forceful negotiation, in which Najir believed the Dealers worked for Shakto and/or were going to kill or mutilate him further, Najir told them everything he knew — including that Shakto was searching for another item, a girdle, that was in the possession of monks at the Temple of the Servant on Krayiss II.

- The Dealers used Krrsk Kitran’s Imperial codes to secure a shuttle down to the planet’s surface.

- At Omo Shakto’s crimson grass plantation, they convinced Shakto that they would seek out and find the girdle for him.

- At the Temple of the Servant, they convinced the monks that they would keep the girdle out of Shakto’s hands. The monks agreed to let them take it, and the monks gave them a large piece of fossilized shale on which they could carve the Eye of Light & Darkness at the sight of the Bent Pyramid on Krayiss II.

- Fero met up with CARL EMERSON, an Imperial shuttle pilot, intended to get back to the Double Dealer and pick up the rest of the crew when they were finished in the pyramid. A mysterious ship fired on the shuttle, bu the shuttle was able to avoid destruction. The Imperial Star Destroyer REVENGE ordered the shuttle to come aboard. Fero convinced Carl to flee to the Rebels, and the ship jumped to the nearby TISS’SHARL system.

- Meanwhile, on the planet’s surface, Zamda, Ja, Gand, and Brosef infilitrate the Bent Pyramid. They find their way to a hidden chamber at the apex, where they light six crystals that are fused into pillars. They are confronted by the spirit of KING ADAS himself, who tells the Dealers…

You are foolish to continue your present efforts. The powers you defy are too mighty to be discomfited by mortal efforts. For 30,000 years I have waited, pondered, and learned the truth of all things. Soon I return to your plane of existence. All will know Adas. All will burn in a never-ending fire. Look, you, at the fate of those who came before you!

- A vision shimmered before them of Penhew, Styvv, Kieran, Doodo, and Hypatia, on Dathomir, all rended limb from limb by sith zombies.

Even the brave know their lot. All doors are closed to you. All dreams are doomed. All struggle is futile. Would you know more? Would you end your struggle?

- The vision changed. A doorway appeared, showing the landscape outside and the Bent Pyramid being built.

With but a step, you lend your power to mine. You live forever as an aspect of Adas. This is no test. This is no battle. There is no second chance. Agree, and give in.

- The Dealers did not end the doorway, and after a moment the vision disappeared — and so did the spirit of Adas.

- The Dealers, led by Brosef, successfully placed the Eye of Light & Darkness in place. Gand was left to wonder if this was, in fact, his destiny — had every action been leading him to resurrect Adas?

- Zamda received a message from Fero on his datapad:

Situation is all messed up. Shuttle fired on. Com shorted, nav units have locked us out, Hyperdrive engaging. No way to stop it. Must be a systems issue. Hold out until we are in system. Captain Rand McNally out.

- “Roger-Roger, we will manage,” Zamda replied. Zamda told the other Dealers that they would need to find their own way out, or sit tight until Fero returned.

- With Fero gone, the Dealers were trapped on Krayiss II with their ship on the moon overhead. There was one planet left to visit — Dathomir — and two members of the Prin Expedition left unaccounted for: Hypatia Masters, the twi’lek woman romantically linked to Kieran Prin; and the mysterious Dathomiri woman who led Kieran down this path to begin with….

Zamda: 10. Duty: 0.
Ja: 10. Duty: 0.
Brosef: 10. Duty: 0.
Fero: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 10. Duty: 0.

- a strange girdle
- depending upon your point of view, the Blood Draw, a Sentinel-class Imperial shuttle.

Episode VIII: session two
New New Master

- The Dealers discover Dr. Doodo’s datapad, but it has been thoroughly wiped clean. They gain no new information about Doodo’s activities on Rakata Prime.

- After a heart-to-heart with Krrsk, including a shared meditation in which Ja sees directly into his older brother’s mind, Ja tells Krrsk to take the Triple Deuce and start a new life somewhere. Krrsk takes the Imperial shuttle (along with Mu-Shin, still aboard, and all of the speeder bikes) and departs for an unknown destination.

- The Dealers again take possession of the DOUBLE DEALER itself — relatively unchanged, except for the addition of several waterbeds and a “party room.” Also the bacta tank has been Krrsk’s private toilet for the past several months.

- The Dealers, having failed to find JONNY BIGBUSH on their own, explored the large craters found in the abandoned outposts. They were connected to large tunnels that led back to Doodo’s cave. Under the cave itself, they detected a variety of several large space slugs living under the surface of the planet.

- Returning to Doodo’s cave, the Dealers witnessed several of the primitive Rakatans committing suicide by throwing themselves into the large craters. Gand was able to communicate with one, who explained that their Old Master — Doodo — had introduced them to the Sand Mynock, also called the Red Shape, and led them in worship of this old god. Doodo led them in rituals (that included the sacrifice of several Rakatan) enabling them to control the space slugs and send them to destroy the nearby outposts.

- The Rakatan explained that their New Master — Krrsk — killed Doodo and seemed willing to continue this cycle of sacrifice. Gand established gandself as their New New Master by using the Force to fling a Rakatan into the nearby pit. The Rakatan explained to the Dealers where they could find Jonny Bigbush.

- Bigbush, a Rakatan/Rodian hybrid, was living alone on a well-defended island. He asked the Dealers to please not kill him, and explained he had been picking off cultists as best he could for the past several weeks. He assisted the Dealers in the successful placement of another EYE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, sealing away the evil presence Doodo had awakened on Rakata Prime.

- Leaving the planet (with Bigbush aboard the Double Dealer), the crew used Krrsk’s Imperial codes to radio in to the nearby Star Destroyer that they had discovered a rebel base deep within the tunnels on Rakata Prime. The Imperials confirmed that they would soon begin a systematic and devastating carpet bombing campaign of the planet’s surface, killing all they could and trapping anyone else below the planet’s surface.

- The Dealers headed off for parts unknown…

Ja: 10. Duty: 0.
Gand: 10. Duty: 5.
Fero: 10. Duty: 5.

- Krrsk’s Imperial codes
- 4 buzzdroids (property of Krrsk) aboard the Double Dealer
- minus one Triple Deuce, and all equipment & personnel aboard

Episode VIII: session one
Archaeological Tycoons

- En route to Lehon, aka Rakata Prime, a planet far beyond the civilized galaxy, the Dealers busy themselves with personal projects…

- Gand practices with his lightsaber.

- Fero does his best to offer encouragement to Gand, while also fiddling with the Triple Deuce’s systems.

- Brosef watches holoporn and chats with the dudes.

- Zamda does his best to track the progress of Krrsk Kitran from Coachelle to Rakata Prime.

- Ja stays isolated, meditating and recovering from his battles on Ord Mantel and the Grey Dragon Moon.

- Arriving on Rakata Prime, the Dealers slip past a Star Destroyer that is orbiting the planet. The planet itself is quiet — it is dotted by seemingly abandoned outposts, with the exception of Randolph Outpost.

- The Dealers investigate Cuncudgerie Outpost, now devoid of life. They discover evidence that a degenerate tribe of Rakatan had started raiding and attacking the outpost shortly before everyone there disappeared.

- Firing up a computer, they receive a message addressed to “Tentacl3s” from someone with the screenname “HH Digger” from Randolph Outpost. HH Digger was glad his friend was still alive, and looked forward to finally meeting him in person. At Randolph Outpost, the Dealers told Digger that Tentacl3s was not with them, but was possibly still back at Cuncudgerie. Digger assembled a team to go look for his penpal.

- The leader of Randolph Outpost, Toddy “Randolph” Gorlo, was a snouty, crabby Gammorrean. He’d been bullied out of his own quarters by Krrsk, who had gone ahead to look for an old hermit who lived somewhere in the caves nearby. Randolph suspected the person behind the killings of Jonny Bigbush, a rakatan/rodian half-breed who also lived somewhere on the wild islands of Rakatan.

- The Dealers tracked Krrsk to the hermit’s cave. They discovered the hermit was actually Vale Doodo, the doctor from the Prin Expedition, and that Krrsk had killed him and usurped his position as leader of the degenerate tribe of Rakatan.

- Krrsk was ready to battle Ja once again, but Ja claimed to want to join his brother. Krrsk, so tired, so ready to believe his brother, was sucker-sabered — but the hilt was double-bladed, and Ja struck himself as well.

- A fight!

- Finally, Ja told Krrsk that he loved him. Krrsk broke down sobbing and submitted to his younger brother, finally ending a years-long feud.

Brosef: 5. Duty: 0.
Gand: 5: Duty: 0.
Zamda: 5. Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 0.
Ja: 10. Duty: 5.

- Krrsk’s datapad

Episode VII: session twelve
Battle of the Grey Dragon Moon


Bullet point version:

- THE WORKSHOP. Aubrey Penhew is here at last, protected by a small Stormtrooper squad and a brutish red alien called The Acolyte. Penhew ZAPS our heroes with lightning as the Acolyte attacks Ja with a double-bladed lightsaber.

- Aubrey is working on a warhead designed for the downward-facing-rocket in the larger room.

- Ja rushes in and pummels the Acolyte with his BARE HANDS. Ja sustains several grievous (critical, even) wounds. Ja takes down the Acolyte, though he is nearly killed hisself in the process.

- Aubrey gets SHOT A LOT. The final blast takes out Aubrey AND disables the warhead, which was on a countdown to explode.

- The ritual of the Eye of Light & Darkness is completed, led by Brosef, using just a pinch of Fero’s blood. The ritual is successful, and the Grey Dragon Moon is safe from future evils from the Order of the Bloated Woman.

- The Dealers decided to head to RAKATA PRIME — aka LEHON — next, but first contact Ja’s brother KRRSK KITRAN and tell him he needs to also come to Lehon to SAVE Ja from a dastardly cult. Krrsk believes them, and says he will meet them there.

- Pinhole edit to credits.


Brosef: 20. Duty: 5.
Fero: 20. Duty: 5.
Gand: 20. Duty: 0.
Ja: 20. Duty: 5.
Sandovar: 20. Duty: 5.
Zamda: 20. Duty: 0.

(Total Group Duty: 85)

- double-bladed lightsaber
- I don’t remember what else

Episode VII: session eleven
Crate Dragons

The Dealers hide in a crate aboard the Luxuriant Goddess and allow themselves to be taken, unseen, into the facility on the Grey Dragon Moon.

After being carried for some time, the crate is deposited among several others in a dark, hot cavern. Ja promptly stretches his limbs, busting the crate and freeing the Dealers. Fero, Zamda, and Sandovar investigate the other crates and find strange machinery within — Sandovar recognizes them as being based on Rakatan technology, a civilization long extinct. The Dealers subtly sabotage the parts, which look to be meant for a rocket or missile

Zamda is the first to peer over the crates into the larger cavern. It is dimly lit, and he can see nothing but a smoking pool of magma.

Fero, stepping out from the crates, encounters a half-dozen red-skinned aliens, similar to Faraz Najir, the antiquities dealer who Kieran Prin bought artifacts from on a moon of Krayiss II. The red aliens glanced at the medallion Fero had taken from a pirate, but otherwise paid him no mind. They were shoveling goopy muck out of a dark, bubbling pool.

The Dealers returned to the crates, but this time Ja dropped one — getting the attention of a Dathomir in the larger part of the cavern. The Dathomir and three of his allies ignited red lightsabers and attacked the Dealers.

Ja, squaring off with two Dathomiri, is nearly taken down — he is temporarily blinded when he is struck in the face with a lightsaber hilt, his rancor gloves are destroyed, and his flightsuit is blasted off of his body. But ultimately, the Dathomiri are overwhelmed — one is pushed back into the magma pool, another is pulled into the bubbling pool by an unseen creature, one is crushed by a Force-flung crate, and the fourth is … killed by blaster fire? It was a chaotic scene!

The red aliens attempt to swarm Gand, but are ultimately cowed by his presence. They speak a strange dialect, and encourage the Dealers to leave via the elevator their crate was brought up in.

But the Dealers investigate the rest of the room. Fero is fascinated by a large, ten-foot statue of the Bloated Woman that seems to darker than the shadows around it, seemingly writhing and moving whenever he does not look directly at it.

Two smaller rooms are discovered. One holds a throne and ancient artifacts of unknown lineage. The throne hides a smaller cavern, which contains an escape pod with no visible launching mechanism. It seems built to withstand an immense catastrophe, and a hologram of Aubrey Penhew is visible on its outer shell. Zamda reprograms the hologram to be a generic Wookiee template.

Behind the other door, the Dealers find themselves face to face with Penhew himself. He is guarded by four Imperial Stormtroopers and a hulking red-skinned alien, much larger and more savage looking than the ones by the pool

Ja: 5. Duty: 5.
Gand: 5 Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 5. Duty: 5.
Fero: 5. Duty: 0.
Zamda: 5. Duty: 0.

- one red lightsaber
- a Dealerful of strange scarab medallions

Episode VII: session ten
Return of the Fruitcart Boys

Leaving the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, the Dealers agree to go move on to Lehon, but first they will leave a message for Styvv at the Stumbling Tiger cantina. Arriving there, they find the cantina guarded by stromtroopers — glass is broken and there is smoke drifting out from the inside.

As Ja tries to get information from the stormtroopers, a stooped, robed figure approaches the others. He growls and chastises them for putting his pal Chum in danger. Fero recognizes the figure as Styvv the Wookiee and immediately tells him of Choi Moi‘s death. Styvv rages and flees, grabbing a stranger’s speeder bike and heading for the docks.

A speeder bike chase ensues! Fruit carts are knocked over, and after some back & forth Sandovar pulls a pin from Styvv’s bike and causes him to crash. Unhurt but unconscious, Styvv is taken by Fero and Sandovar back to the Triple Deuce. A holograph message in Styvv’s belt leads the Dealers to a bith professor at the Ord Mantell Museum of Antiquities.

Ja, Gand, & Brosef head to the Museum. Gand & Brosef pay their way in. Ja gets a guest pass as a potential future donor. They are introduced to Mu-Shin, who has been trying in vain to open a Jedi holocron — seemingly the holocron stolen from Tangu-Yu by Styvv. Gand & Ja, with their knowledge of the Force, open the holocron. It is [[44: The Holocron of Hsan | The Holocron of Hsan]], a Jedi from over 10,000 years ago. It concerns THE EYE OF LIGHT & DARKNESS, a symbol used to combat the dark side…

“Of those signs effectively sealing the festerings of the dark side, the most potent is THEY EYE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

“Inscribed into the substance of a high place near the haunts of evil, and nor further than 30 paces from them, expels the evil strength for so long as the sign exists.

“The Eye must be created the afternoon before the rise of a full moon, or moons. At moonrise, the blood of an innocent must fill the pupil of the Eye once per drumbeat from the moonset.

“As the first blood is given, chant the words ‘sa-ma, sa-ma, te-yo, sa-ma,’ and continue until the moon sets.

“When next the moon rises, the Eye opens to ward and to guard. Gather the friends of good to work this wisdom, for too few shall surely fail.”

Later Jedi added their own commentary to Hsan’s own findings…

“The ineffable Eye must be worked into an organic substance which is naturally hard.”

“The unrivaled light of the marvelous Eye transcends taint if all evil presences have been dispatched or dispelled.”

“He who first chants must be able to create the gift of an Elder Sign.”

“The wondrous Eye must not first burn where evil beings or creatures lurk.”

“Only one incorruptible Eye may guard any location.”

“All who chant must detest evil.”

After unlocking the holocron and failing to convince Mu-Shin to accompany them, Ja punches Mu-Shin in the face (possibly puncturing his eye), and they take the old professor away with them. They are picked up by Fero & Sandovar, who have tied Styvv up in the ship. Styvv is incosolable over the death of Choi Moi, who he considers they only good person left in the Galaxy. All the same, Styvv is calmed down enough to share his tale with the Dealers…

As far as I can make out, we’re all in a lot of trouble. The more I learn about the situation, the more scared I get. When I spilled the beans to Woorbly, I figured he’d warn the people that could make a difference, and they’d do something about this cult. Sorry he ended up that way. All the same, I did warn him, and I didn’t hold nothing back. I’m warning you guys too: the cult plays for keeps. Choi Moi could tell you that … [agonized growl]

Well, right from the start I knew that Kieran’s dathomiri girl was trouble. She was as tough as they come and she had him around her finger. He must have known she was trouble too, because the more he saw her, the more crazy dreams he had. I thought it was great when he wanted to go to Krayiss — that’d be the end of her, see, and things would get back to normal. I liked the guy, and I owed him a lot.

It seemed for awhile that everything would work out. Corellia was a lot of fun, but once we got to Krayiss II, Kieran started having dreams again about meeting a god, crap like that. but now he wasn’t drinking, and the girl wasn’t around, and the gentlemen Kierand had asked along started acting nuttier than Kieran did, and so I said to myself, “trouble is somewhere up this road.”

After I paid Faraz Najir for his junk, Kieran spent some time with it. He went off the deep end. There was a black kind of head-and-shoulder statue that he’d stare at for hours. And there was one of them holocrons. He’d stare at the holocron too, like he was trying to figure out how to make it work just by looking at it, the way a normal guy might look at a great looking woman. And then, one morning, he said he’d figured it out. He said the holocron had spoken to him the night before, and had told him that he could meet the god as soon as he "destroyed the eye and opened the path.”

That hotshot Dr. Doodo should have talked Kieran down, but he only encouraged him. So the first night that we were up the river, Kieran snuck out and climbed up the Red Pyramid. Any of you guys ever climbed a pyramid? They’re steep! Kieran started up that pile like a monkey. Never looked back or hesitated once, which proved to me that poor bugger was absolutely crazy. But I followed him up, so I guess that makes me crazy, too.

For about two-thirds of the way up the Red Pyramid, you just climb up and over big blocks, sort of like something some dumb kid could make by piling up a million great big construction blocks. The pyramid builders filled in all the gaps with nice smooth stone, but then later people stole that nice stone from around the bottom of the pyramid — the high stuff was too hard to grab, and they couldn’t finish the job. Well, Kieran zipped right up this part too, with me still behind, my eyes bulging out cause I could barely find handholds, even with my claws.

There’s a little flat place at the tip of the pyramid. When Kieran reached the flat place, he put on some kind of robe and started making weird sounds, as though he had flipped for good. But then there was a hell of an explosion with all kinds of funny echoes and screams with it, and a big red flash of light. Well, I lay there for a minute until it seemed safe to go on. He looked at me and said, “The eye is gone, Styvv. Now we can be gods.”

Well, that was just Kieran-talk, you know, but beside him there was a big patch ripped right out of the stone, and it looked fresh. When I went back the next day, the patch had been filled in, as thought the pyramid had repaired itself. But near the base of the pyramid, I found part of a rock which looked like it could have been in that patch originally, and it had this sign on it:


Now I know what it is — it’s something to do with the Force, and it kept evil things away from us, and Kieran deliberately broke its power.

Two days later, the whole gang — Penhew, Kieran, Doodo, and Hypatia — gave me the slip and disappeared into the Red Pyramid. Some of the messenger boys went in to find them, some locals we’d hired to help excavate. They came out shrieking that the pyramid had eaten the respected scientists, woe, woe, woe. And bingo — the workers ran in every direction. The whole dig was deserted. In five minutes the only person left in the whole area was me. Well, I went in. Sure enough, nobody was inside. I was worried.

But a long time later, out come all the missing people from the pyramid. Kieran says they’d been to the Sith Worlds — the real Sith Worlds. And that was about the most sensible thing he said. Penhew looked like had lost about five years. And Hypatia and Doodo both seemed somehow changed. Nobody would explain where they’d been, and nobody cared after that it was hard to hire workers, even among those strange red-skinned guys who still live there.

After that, when I’d wake up in the night, the rest of the gang would be talking creepy lingo like I’d never heard before. Then one evening, Kieran said that he was going toe how me the power of what they’d learned. We went out into the desert with a passel of the red-skinned aliens. Everybody started screaming weird words and songs, and Penhew beat the drum we got from Najir. When creatures started coming out of the ground and eating the red-skinned aliens, and Kieran and the others started laughing, well, I took my leave, as they say, an went on a real toot. Kieran found me the next day and warned me that I’d better change my attitude. Well, I owed the kid, and I wouldn’t desert him, but after that I started thinking real hard.

After that, we went to Dathomir. Kieran filled me in during the trip. We had found a true god, he said, who would rule the Galaxy, and we would rule with that god, for we were the chosen of the god. The god had picked us to open the way for his return. And there was enough in what they said — and in what I saw — to make me listen. Every week, Penhew seemed a little younger and a little livelier. Hypatia started getting sick a lot. We were going to leave the Imperial Outpost on Dathomir for some place in the mountains where there was no river, no spaceport, no holonet, no Imperials even. I figured ol’ Styvv wasn’t going to last long in that place, so I made some arrangements. On the last night in the Outpost, I drugged Kieran, stole some credits — it was all Kieran’s money, anyway — and got me and him aboard an unscheduled freighter to Vinsoth.

Later I heard that my guess was right. The holonet said a lot of people died, but Penhew, Doodo, and Hypatia weren’t among them.

Anyway, my arrangements went off without a hitch — that happens when you think small and carry a lot of credits. When we got to Vinsoth, we got off before Imperial inspection and found a smuggler willing to go to Agamar for a few hundred credits. From there we hopped a trader to Ithor, and on Ithor I dyed my fur, got Kieran some tattoos, and booked passage to Ord Mantell.

Now, on the way to Vinsoth, Kieran got some sleep, and he seemed to wake up a different person. I guess that being away from the influence of some of those other people let him return to his old self. I told him we were in a lot of trouble, and that we needed to hide out, and reminded him about the red-skinned aliens being killed on Krayiss, and the god stuff, and so on, and he could remember it all right, although it didn’t seem very important, somehow. But he understood the logic of the situation. After a week or so, though, his nightmares started, and he began to go off the deep end. I think he was beginning to realize some of the things he’d done.

I had been in Ord Mantell as a merc a few years back, and I had some friends here. By time our ship put in to Genassa, Kieran couldn’t go any further. He began shrieking at shadows and everything that moved. So I put him in an Imperial medical facility. I had to use up most of the remaining credits to get him settled. Then I went on to Ord Mantell, believing that I’d never again see any member but Kieran of that damned expedition.

So I thought, until I looked through a pair of electrobinoculars at a certain corvette, and saw Aubrey Penhew walking down the landing ramp of the DARK MISTRESS. Now that ship and some others are going back and forth between Ord Mantell and the Grey Dragon Moon. Transporting people and supplies. They’re planning something, but I don’t know what.

The Dealers present the scrolls found in Nom Kussar’s estate to Mu-Shin for translation, but as they were written in Galactic Basic, no translation proves necessary. The scrolls speak of NOM KUSSAR reluctantly deciding to open the SITH HOLOCRON OF MARKA RAGNOS, to ascertain its historical importance before destroying it.

He later reports the Ragnos Holocron speaks of another — a holocron of KING ADAS, an old king of the Sith people who lived for 300 years and helped repel the Rakatan invaders from the old Sith worlds some 30,000 years ago. Kussar feels THIS holocron would be of true importance in the ongoing conflict against modern-day Sith. If we can only understand WHY Jedi turn to the Dark Side…

Kussar begins to have visions of a BLOATED WOMAN who tells him the answers he seeks lie in wait on Krayiss.

Kussar is visited by Kieran Prin — the Chiss — who he shows the Ragnos Holocron to.

Some kind of jump in time — it is unclear how much — and Kussar speaks of another Holocron, but it is unclear whose it is. He speaks of a true path revealed, and that the old Sith are different from these new. They knew things. The King has learned even more since his death, and he will pass it on. He’s transcended good and evil, Jedi and Sith. Transcended his very name. He wears many masks. He is the King, the Woman, the Sand Mynock, the Bloody Tongue. All are Adas.

The last scrolls speak of a rebel agent who has infiltrated his warehouse operation. MAS AMEDDA, heretofore unmentioned, believes she knows of a lost Jedi Holocron that could endanger their plans. It also speaks of THE PALE VIPER, who plans to blast the dragon and bleed Ord Mantell.

Styvv makes it clear he has no will to live, and only wishes to destroy as many of the cultists as possible. He plans a suicide run at the Dark Mistress and, if possible, the fortress on the Grey Dragon Moon. The Dealers let him out near the spacedocks, but they send Mu-Shin to sleep in Gand’s quarters.

Before he goes, Styvv tells the Dealers that the cultists have increased security around the corvette called the Dark Mistress, but smaller yachts have also been making supply runs to the moon. The Dealers spy one such yacht, called the LUXURIENT GODDESS, manned by a Gungan captain and a motley crew of half-a-dozen pirates. Fero lures one of the pirates to a shady corner of the docks, where Ja knocks him out. Fero takes a medallion from the pirate, showing a beetle-like sigil, and hides the other Dealers in a storage crate.

Stormtroopers help Fero load the crate onto the Goddess, and the Dealers find themselves being smuggled onto the Grey Dragon Moon, headquarters of the Order of the Bloated Woman…

Ja: 15. Duty: 0.
Gand: 15. Duty: 0.
Brosef: 15. Duty: 0.
Fero: 15. Duty: 0.
Sandovar: 15. Duty: 0.

- The Jedi Holocron of Hsan
- Cultist medallion


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